Month: June 2013

Fabric wrapped wreath

imageAs promised, here’s a casual-Friday craft to get this weekend going. There’s nothing like a wreath to add a welcoming touch -and in this case a shot of color- to a front door. This one is ridiculously easy to make. So let’s do it! You need:

  • a foam wreath form (I used a 12″ one)
  • strips of fabric,  3 or 4 pieces 45″ long (or shorter strips but more of them to cover the wreath form, you get it!)
  • 2-3 sheets of felt
  • about 20 straight pins, shorter is better
  • scissors and/or a rotary cutter if you have one

imageStart by cutting your fabric into 2 1/2″ wide strips. Pin one wide end onto your wreath form using 2 or 3 pins and pinning down the entire width. Now wrap the fabric tightly around the wreath overlapping a bit as you go. To finish a strip and start a new one, repeat the first step of pinning 2-3 times across the width of the strip, tucking the new strip under the used one. Keep wrapping until your foam is covered. To end your piece you can choose to just pin it as before then cut it, or fold under 1/2″ of fabric and pin through all layers for a more finished edge.

imageNow for the felt flowers! Cut your felt pieces into circles about 5″ round. Trace around a bowl if you like. They don’t need to be perfect or all be the same size so don’t fuss. Fold each circle in half, then in half again. Put a pin through the point and into the foam wreath. Repeat for as full a ruffled flower look as you like (I’ve got 8 on this one and used 3 sheets of felt). Give them a little fluffing up and turn them facing in different directions, all loosey goosey. Your wreath is ready to hang!

Hello curb appeal and happy first day of summer!

Vintage quilt – best thrift find ever

Often when I visit thrift shops I’m looking for a particular item. Always though, I have an unwritten list of mostly vintage pieces I keep an eye out for: Pyrex, cameras, typewriters and linens. This is my very best thrift store find ever….a vintage quilt! I often read about others finding these but they’re rare here and I practically sprinted to the cash register once I spotted it. Bonus points that it’s in good shape, the hexagon pattern I love but would never tackle myself and is backed in pink. Total score at $15!

imageI brought it home, filthy dirty and musty smelling (it was immediately photo bombed by Venus) and got to researching how to clean it. Many google articles later I still felt unsure of what to do. I’m all for taking care of things but also want to use the items I bring into my life and home. I picture using the quilt to cozy under on the couch, folded at the foot of my bed or even as a picnic blanket. I definitely want to be able to wash and wear this baby!

imageEnter Cynthia, the Mom of my good friend and long time quilter and guild member. I took my new-found quilt to her for advice. Ready? Throw it in your washing machine on the delicate cycle, tumble in the dryer until it’s not quite dry then let it air dry. Much easier than I thought…and it worked.

imageSeems my quilt is vintage, but not vintage. Probably made in the 1960-70’s guessing from the fabrics and backed with a bed sheet. Lucky for me, it’s totally up for the spin cycle.

My four legged friends love it!

Summer bucket list


The middle of June is here and it’s time to get organized for summer fun. This is my absolute favourite time of year and I plan to enjoy every bit of it. I can’t think of a better way to start than with a list AND some colouring. Download your own page from pen & paint and play along!

I like to do this each season, partly to remind me to enjoy it and partly I’m just a freak about making lists! Here’s my summer bucket list:

  • Watch a sunrise
  • Spend a day at the outdoor pool
  • Go for bike rides
  • Hit balls at the driving range
  • Visit Beacon Hill Park
  • Eat dinner outside
  • Read books 3-5 of Game of Thrones
  • Enjoy morning coffee outside
  • Keep running
  • Take a day trip up island
  • Make great salads
  • Try paddle boarding
  • Use Groupon to paint mugs
  • Island hop to Pender
  • Reorg home office nook

I’m not sure how I’ll find time to fit my Monday to Friday job in but at least I know what I’m doing with my time off. What’s on your summer bucket list?