Month: June 2013

The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow – a book review

Confessions of a book worm: I have at least three books on the go at all times and a stack of about ten to get to. Then there’s the dozens waiting on my Kobo. I’ve always been this way and I have no shame over it. My happy place is anywhere with a good read.

This one caught my attention via email. I’m on the mailing list for a couple of the big book chains and saw it on the list from both within a few days. I took a chance and Rita Leganski’s debut novel, The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow did not disappoint.

imageNo spoilers here! The basic story is of a baby boy born mute with exceptional hearing, under unusual circumstances in 1950’s New Orleans. This is a tale of love, karma and connectedness. It’s fable-like with an underlying mystery and incredibly rich in details of sound, colour and light. The book’s strength is in its characters, all really likeable (well, except one) imperfect beings doing their best in troubled times and difficult situations. Dealing with ghosts from the past and trying to pave brighter futures, all are connected in a meaningful way. Each tells their own story of compassion, redemption, healing, acceptance and grace. It’s a gently written book with very powerful lessons. The attitudes and atmosphere of the time are also wonderfully depicted.

If you’re looking for an easy summer read with a bit of substance, I recommend this one! I’ll definitely be watching for more from this author.

Are you ‘Smash’-ing?

I know you’re fabulous, what I’m asking is are you on to this new way of scrapbooking called ‘Smash’?

The idea is super simple: save everyday memories and bits in one place by smashing them into a little book with printed pages, pockets and labels. Of course, there’s a whole line of cute accessories such as tape, cut outs, lists and graphics so you really don’t need to be creative to have fun with this…they do most of it for us. How nice!

imageYou also don’t need hours and hours, dozens of family photos or an entire room in your home to devote to this. Stick in a feather and a ticket stub…done!  I’m not gonna lie friends, the brilliant marketing sucked me in. I picked up a starter kit and whipped up a few pages.
imageI like it. It makes me notice little moments of life and I consider that a good thing. It’s a form of journaling I can actually enjoy. It’s casual, like real life. So, will you be smashing with me?

Front patio freshen up

imageOne of the things I like about my tiny townhouse is its two patios, one out front and a private one on the side. Sometimes I pretend I live in a New York brownstone and dress up the front patio with all kinds of curb appeal according to the seasons. Since summer finally seems to be arriving I switched out the winter look and added some pops of yellow.

imageThe inspiration started with this adorable bunting I was gifted from a talented friend (check her out here). I found co-ordinating fabric and whipped up a cushion cover and wrapped wreath (tutorial coming soon!) then added a few felt flowers.

imagePresto, a fresh patio to welcome longer days and warmer weather. This spot gets the evening sun and is a favourite for sitting with a good book and glass of wine. Ah the lazy days of summer….bring them on I say!