Month: August 2013

Simple silhouette making

silhouette DIYSilhouettes are a great way to personalize your space with a classic twist. Kind of like photos yet more sophisticated don’t you think? They’re easier to make than you might guess. Wanna try? Venus the kitty is my model here but I promise you they turn out even better using people.

silhouette supplie

Gather your supplies:

  • a profile photo of your subject (a plain pale background is ideal) which has been photocopied or printed onto regular old paper
  • scrapbook paper in black and any color for your background (you want the good stuff that doesn’t fade, not just construction paper)
  • very sharp scissors, this is the only time I use my sewing scissors on paper
  • pencil
  • tape

Play around with a photocopier or the printer settings on your computer to print the photo to the size you’d like your finished silhouette to be. Trace around the outer edge of the head. I like to tape the picture to a window to get a clearer edge with the light coming through. I also prefer to trace on the back of the picture because the photo details can be distracting. Soften any harsh edges or funny bits like sticky-outy hair and cut this out very carefully. This is now your template. Hold it against a contrasting page of paper to get a sneak peek at how it’s looking and make any adjustments needed. Tape template onto the back side of your black paper in the opposite facing direction you want your finished product to be. Cut very carefully around the template, gently remove it and turn your paper over. Voila…your one-of-a-kind silhouette is ready to tape onto it’s background paper then pop into a frame.
silhouette makingWouldn’t these make great gifts for grandparents, aunties etc? They look so good in gallery wall arrangements too…simple and sophisticated!
silhouette DIYWho will you make a silhouette of? A baby, a newlywed couple, your kids…or maybe pets like I did? Have fun with it and enjoy the weekend!


Blueberry-vodka lemonade

blueberry vodka lemonadeSummer is the ideal time for this fruity refresher of a cocktail. I used my blueberry infused vodka to whip it up. Here’s how:

  • 2 oz blueberry infused vodka
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • ice
  • lemonade from frozen concentrate

blueberry vodka lemonade

Pour the vodka and simple syrup in a tall glass. Add ice and top up with lemonade to your taste. A little garnish of lemon and blueberries finishes it off. Isn’t the color beautiful? This lemonade was made for enjoying on a patio…cheers!

Thrift find – vintage globe

vintage thrift globe

I hoard collect globes, the older the better. I’m pretty happy with this latest find which I believe is the oldest in my collection. I should really brush up on geography and political science so I’d know its era better. Manchuria? I love that it’s made of metal, has a few dents, an astrological base and its join is the equator. Good stuff. It was pretty dirty when I found it so I set my fave tools on it: Qtips, surgical hand scrubber, mild dish soap and hairspray.
vintage thrift globeThe Qtips and scrubber gently get into little crevices and the hairspray removes ink and liquid paper in this case. This globe was particularly easy to clean because it came of its base and after a bit of TLC this $3 score is worthy of joining the others.
vintage globe before and afterThey’re all thrift store finds, except one. Can you tell which? It’s the pink one which I spotted at Home Sense and just had to have.
globe collectionNow I’m on the lookout for a roll-down school style wall map to hang behind these. Elusive, so far! What about you…any hoarding collecting going on?