Month: August 2013

Peanut butter balls

peanut butter balls recipe

Do you know the 80/20 rule? It’s a self monitored system endorsed by my naturopath which allows for 20% treat eating with 80% healthy eating…or is it 90/10, 85/15?? Get ready to spend your treat quotient on these chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

My lovely niece, Sydney taught me how to make them. She’s 12 and already a great baker. I’m pretty sure we’ll have a shop together someday…maybe cupcakes. We both love the taste sensation that is chocolate and pb so this recipe suits us perfectly.


  • 1 cup sifted icing sugar
  • 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
  • 3 tbsp softened butter
  • 1 heaping cup milk chocolate chips

Sift the icing sugar into a bowl. Add butter and peanut butter and combine with mixer. Roll into 1″ balls and place on a wax paper lined tray. Leave for 20 minutes to harden. Melt chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds then stir and repeat until smooth. Roll each ball in the chocolate then place back on the wax paper. Using a skewer and fork helps with this and we put a little dab of chocolate over any holes. Refrigerate until hardened. We recommend storing them in the fridge too. Makes 20-30 depending on the size you roll the balls.
peanut butter balls recipeWhy not whip up a batch this weekend? They’re amaze-balls….seriously!

Oh hello.

hello on french door

Sometimes the smallest changes bring the best results. On a bit of whim, I took my wet erase chalk marker out to my front door, it’s a glass french door, and wrote a little welcome greeting. It’s subtle, it’s silly and it makes me smile. Plus I can erase it in like 5 seconds when I get tired of it.
hello on french door

What fun little changes have you made lately? Please share!

Ombré dye DIY

ombre dye DIYAdmittedly, I’m late to this trend. I didn’t think it would last but ombre is still all over fashion and home decor. Better late than never, I gave it a DIY try. With a box of Rit fabric dye and knock-off Tom’s I was good to go. Yup, this turned out to be fun, easy and addictive.
ombre dye before and afterI mixed up my dye following the instructions in the box, added lots of salt and a bit of detergent. I took it all outside and highly recommend that! A flour sack tea towel I had on hand was the first to take a test plunge. I was immediately smitten.

Time for the shoes! I removed the insoles and gave them a soak in warm water before heading to the dye bucket. I dipped them in toes first almost to the heel and waited less than a minute. Then I just lifted them from the bucket a little section at a time leaving the toes in the longest. Total dye time was about 20 minutes. They got rinsed in warm water at my kitchen sink until the water ran clear. Then I filled the sink with water and a heap of salt and soaked them for a few minutes. After another rinse I left them hanging outside to dry overnight. In the morning I replaced the insoles and pranced around all giddy-like. Ombré dye success!
ombre dye DIYA few hopefully-helpful hints:

  • As mentioned, do this outside if possible. There were lots of drips.
  • A garbage bag under the dye bucket made a great workspace and easy clean up. Have a clothes horse and clothespins ready for hang drying.
  • Wearing gloves is recommended but I didn’t, just can’t. You should though.
  • Have an old towel on hand to wipe hands before and after handling dye.
  • Dye appears darker when wet so go a shade darker than you’re after.
  • Clothespinning the shoes together helped keep the pattern matching on both feet.
  • If you dye clothing, do your first wash by hand to monitor any color seeping.

ombre dye DIYCost rundown:
Tea towel, had on hand from of a set of 5/$7 so $1.40
Shoes, on sale $8
Rit dye, found at Michaels with coupon $2.40
Total = $11.80 for some serious fun, cute shoes plus I’m back on trend. Win, win, win!
Would you be willing to try DIY dye? I’d do it again in a heartbeat!