Month: October 2013

Garlic planting & vampire proofing

According to folklore, Halloween is the perfect time to plant garlic. The bulbs get tucked in the ground before the coldest part of the year and your home is vampire proofed at the same time. Win, win.
Planting garlicIf you’ve never grown your own garlic, I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s a low-to-no maintenance plant yet produces much better tasting garlic than you’ll ever find in a store. Here’s what to do:
Purchase a bulb, or many from a garden centre or nursery – not the grocery store.
Gently pull each clove from the main bulb keeping as much of the papery covering on as possible.
Plant in a sunny spot with the pointy end up and the flatter end facing down. Holes need to be about 3″ deep so that each clove is covered with 2″ of soil. Space each clove about 6″ apart. Cover with leaves or other mulch.
Bulbs and plants don’t normally need any watering. Just be sure to mark their spot so you don’t disturb them if you add to your garden later. Putting them at the back of a plot is ideal.
Planting garlicSprouts will appear late winter and your garlic is ready for harvesting mid-summer. Each individual clove will produce a bulb like the one it came from.
Don’t have a sunny spot or room in your garden? Me either, so I actually plant mine in pots. I like to put 5 cloves in a large planter that I can move to a sunny spot. I add annual flowers in the spring – garlic loves flowers!
Planting garlicWere you expecting a planting-in-the-dirt photo? Nope, I’m waiting until tomorrow to do that – it’s my only Halloween tradition. Get yourself a garlic bulb today and make it your annual ritual too!

Mini clipboard frame

Mini clipboard frameFile this one under “it’s the little things”! I recently picked up 3 mini clipboards from my neighbourhood dollar store. They measure 6″ by 9″ and I’m having fun using them as quick-change picture frames.
I’m lucky enough to have friends that still send cards in the mail, you know, with a stamp and everything. I like to keep them for a bit and prolong the enjoyment. That’s how I first started using the mini clipboards. I clipped on a card then put a pin in the wall at the end of my breakfast bar and hung it up. It’s been there ever since and I replace the card with invitations, words of wisdom, colors to consider or seasonal bits. It’s so easy to change!
Mini clipboard frameYou’ve already seen another one of these at my countertop coffee station. This is just scrapbook paper I’ve run through the printer. I love this quote but also know it’s not a permanent fixture.
Mini clipboard frame Little change ups like this help my tiny home stay fresh and let me focus on what I’m into that day or week. It could be my niece’s latest creation, an inspirational quote, an art card or a leaf from the garden. Proof that little things can make a big difference.

Fog love

FogHere in Victoria we’re having a pretty rare weather occurrence – daily fog! It’s been rolling in quite spectacularly each early evening then staying all night and sometimes all day. It’s creating havoc with flights and traffic but I have to say, I think it’s super cool.
FogI love the hush it blankets the city in and the way light plays off of it. I’m having the best evening walks where I start out with sunglasses on and end up in near dark, all within an hour! I find the fog calming, soothing and mysterious. The timing is perfect too – I’m really busy at work, with preparations for the upcoming craft season and with more family obligations than usual. The fog is relaxing me and pulling me back to nature, where I always feel the most grounded. It has a similar effect as snow, but you don’t have to shovel it and it’s much easier to drive in!
FogFogLike I said, this doesn’t happen often, certainly not for days on end, so I’m enjoying the shroud of mist while it’s here. Funny how weather becomes the hot topic and everyone has an opinion. Like or dislike for the stuff, what camp are you in?

PS: I’ve learned this week that fog is hard to photograph! These shots don’t do it justice but I hope you get the idea – it really is pretty and magical!