Month: October 2013

Descoware vintage dutch oven

Descoware dutch ovenIf you’re a thrifter or collector you know there’s nothing better than finding a treasure on your wish list….wait, unless maybe someone else finds it for you. This recently happened to me after a coworker and I were exchanging notes on the items we look for at consignment shops and garage sales. I mentioned I’m pining for a Le Creuset dutch oven but have never found one. A few days later she called from a swap meet and said she thinks she’s found something similar for $10, did I want it?! Heck yeah!
Descoware 'before'Turns out, it’s a bit of a thing. Hello vintage score of enamel coated cast iron loveliness! I believe the new-to-me dutch oven is Descoware which was made in Belgium in the 1940-60’s. Le Creuset bought out the company in the mid 60’s and stopped making the brand. So yeah, this one is even older than me! It’s in great shape, is the rarest of the color choices and just needed a good cleaning. You know I’m up for that!
Descoware after cleaningDescoware after cleaningAfter a long, hot soak in soapy water, I busted out my favourite cleaners again. Mr. Clean erasers and a bit of gently applied Bar Keepers Helper has this spruced right up! So far it hasn’t left my stovetop – it’s just too pretty to tuck away and the ‘fade to blue’ fits right in with my turquoise kitchen accents. I plan to whip up ‘one pot’ meals in it all winter so if you have any suggestions, please share!

Pebbled boot tray

pebbled boot tray DIYFall has definitely arrived! The flip flops are going away for awhile and boots and runners are taking over my front entry. The layout of my home is that you open the front door and *bam* you’re in the living room. I’ve tucked a mat and boot tray behind the door to create what little ‘mud room’ space I can. So yeah, you see it while lounging on the couch and even from the kitchen.
pebbled boot tray DIYIn my ongoing quest to make functional also pretty, I lined a plastic boot tray with pebbles. And I’m loving it! The messy corner looks a lot better and the wet and dirt from shoes falls to the bottom of the rocks. It’s cleaner, tidier and very west coast.
pebbled boot tray DIYI’m embarrassed to say that I bought the rocks – seriously, I live on the beach filled west coast – because I wanted them to be clean, glossy and similar in color and size. I got 3 bags and spread them in an even layer inside a plastic boot tray. That’s it.

Beauty and function? That may be pushing it a bit, but I like it and it works. Good enough!

Pompoms garlands

pompom garlandIt’s official…I’m obsessed with garlands. I’ve got them hanging in every room of my home plus outside. They’re fun and whimsical…I’m smitten. Here are a couple of easy DIY pompom garlands I’m hoping will inspire you to join the craze. For the first one, I used:

  • a ball of multicoloured yarn
  • a pompom maker (do not go buy one if you don’t already have one – so not necessary!)
  • a tapestry needle

I followed the instructions on the pompom maker but you can also make them using this method. I just made 5 to hang across my little fireplace. Make as many as you like! Tie your ends really tight and trim both the ends. Decide on how long you need your hanging string to be and cut a piece of yarn to that length plus a few inches on either end for hanging loops. Thread it through a tapestry needle then through each pompom’s centre. Tie loops at each end. Hang and spread out pompoms evenly (oh wait, that’s just my OCD…spread them however you like).
pompom garlandpompom garland DIYFor an even easier mini garland, gather:

  • bag of store bought pre made pompoms
  • length of embroidery thread
  • tapestry needle

Decide on the length you want and cut the embroidery thread to that plus a bit for hanging loops. Tie a loop at one end and thread the needle on to the other. Push the needle through the centre of each mini pompom being sure to get through the thickest spot. Slide pompoms along your thread and keep going until you like how it looks. Remove needle and tie a loop on the unfinished end.
mini pompom garland DIYSuper simple, super cute! Hang them across window frames, mirrors, bed posts and anywhere else your heart desires (like off your twig antlers!). Do you think you can stop at just one?

All supplies for the first garland were bought at Michaels, for the mini version all supplies are from the Dollar Store.