Month: December 2013

Baked Brie with crescent dough

baked brie in crescent doughIf you need a quick appetizer that’s a total crowd-pleaser, you’ve found it. I realize I’m not the first one at this rodeo, but I finally tried baking Brie wrapped in crescent dough and had to share the details. So warm, gooey good…and pretty darn easy!
baked brie in crescent doughYou need:

  • a round of Brie cheese
  • one can of Pilsbury crescent dough
  • cranberry sauce

baked brie with crescent dough

Roll the crescent dough onto a baking sheet or pie plate without separating the triangle sections. You’ll use half the can, or one square for a small Brie, the whole can for a large Brie. Lay your Brie in the centre of the dough. Cover the top of the Brie with cranberry sauce. I used about 1/3 cup on the small cheese. Fold up the corners of the dough and join them to meet at the centre of the Brie, covering it and the cranberries. Pinch dough together to seal. Bake at 375 F degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm with crackers, apples or grapes.

baked briebaked brie in crescent doughThis instantly became a comfort food for me – the mellow warmth of the cheese with a little tanginess from the cranberries plus the richness of the crescent dough – all good! Dig in with your crackers and savour this season of indulgence. I know I am!

Pyramid stud earrings – DIY

Pyramid stud earrings DIYHave you noticed that stud earrings are gaining popularity? Have you also noticed that metallic studs are everywhere…trimming purses, shirt collars and cuffs. Well, these two observations meet to make the easiest jewelry ever. You can honestly whip up a pair of these stud earrings in 5 minutes! All you need is:

  • Metal studs, flat back is best
  • Glue, I highly recommend E6000
  • Earring posts and backs
  • Toothpick

Pyramid stud earrings DIYONE: use a toothpick to spread a tiny amount of glue onto the pad of the earring post. TWO: press the glued post to the back of the metal stud and hold for a few seconds. THREE: let dry, overnight is best. FOUR: make more for all your girlfriends!!
Check your local craft or leather supply shop for the glue, earring bits and studs. Or order the studs from etsy like I did. Special note: this is the most kind and accommodating etsy seller I’ve dealt with. She mixed gold, silver and bronze metals to make a custom order for me and shipped it fast. The flat back type are the easiest to use – they’re actually filled with glue and made to be ironed onto fabrics. I used the 8mm ones.
Pyramids stud earrings DIYTrendy, adorable and just a bit edgy…I’m loving these. Go make some!

Pink patio for Christmas

pink patio for ChristmasI’m dreaming of a pink Christmas! Actually I don’t have to dream it, ‘cos I’m living it. “A girl lives here!”…my holiday decorating is practically calling out! I chose pink as my color scheme and ran with it. Here’s a peek at how the front patio’s looking these days.¬†I started with strings of pink lights around my door and window then added icicle lights inside the front window. Big impact in a small space!
yarn wrapped wreathSome sort of wreath hangs on my door year round so I carried the pink theme on with this crazy yarn-wrapped version. It’s just a foam form wrapped in fluffy yarn with felt and yarn decorations pinned to it. The chipboard letters are hung on pompom yarn with mini clothespins for a joyful message! I love how casual and fun it is.
pink patio for ChristmasNext I wrapped some floral wire around evergreen branches to create a quick swag and finished it off with pink glitter ribbon, naturally! This was definitely an outdoor project…glitter and branches all over the place! It’s hooked onto the rocking chair with wire and I really like the green and pink on a white background.¬†Leftover boughs got tucked under the lantern on my bench and another bit of glitter ribbon lives there too.
pink patio for ChristmasAnd that’s it! Kinda minimal but the pink delivers a great pop of color and whimsy! This is my favourite holiday decor ever. How about you?…any unexpected color choices or themes in your Christmas decorating?