Month: January 2014

My ‘one little word’

imageHave you chosen your word for 2014 yet? Do you know about this? It’s a thing. I believe it started a few years ago with Ali Edwards. In a nutshell, you choose a word, just one word to be your focus, your mantra, your meditation, your goal for the year. You observe it, seek it, notice it, resonate on it.
I read about this and thought it was kind of an interesting concept. My next thought, naturally, was hmmmmm what would my word be. I was ready to deliberate on it for days, narrow the options down and reluctantly settle for one. Nope. Bam, it hit me and it stuck. My word is light.
imageIt has multiple meanings, which the wordsmith in me loves. And they all apply:

  • the opposite of heavy
  • the opposite of dark
  • illumination
  • of less force, intensity or volume as usual
  • requiring little effort or exertion

I have many hopes and intentions for the year ahead. I need to work smarter, not harder and lighten my load. I feel myself moving from the darkness of chronic pain back into the light of wellness and it brightens my soul. I want to be conscious of the obligations I take on and always save time and energy for the fun stuff. I am making my home less cluttered, allowing for more space and light. Physically, I am back at the gym and making healthier choices at the grocery store. Basically, I’ll make an effort to tread more lightly – on the planet, on others and myself. It’s all happening already.

So, have you chosen a word? I’d love to hear it and what it means for you.

Tidy books

tidy books DIYHappy new year! The ‘urge to purge’ has smacked me upside the head and turned into my overall resolution for 2014. I, of course have other resolutions but this one is kinda big. I’m going to get organized – at home, with finances, with schedules and with stuff, in closets, in kitchen cupboards, everywhere! My tiny home is getting cluttered and it has to stop. This new goal is already changing my way of thinking and motivating me.
Here’s a little project that tidied up the pile of magazine clippings I’d accumulated without even trying. As fully disclosed previously, I love magazines and subscribe to several. I used to hoard keep the entire magazine but have recently allowed myself to tear out the odd page and pass on or recycle the rest.
tidy books DIYI found the perfect bound sketchbooks at Opus art supplies to house all these loose bits. They have 160 pages and measure 11″ x 14″ so a full magazine page or a collage fits easily with room for writing. I’m using two – one for home decor eye candy and the other for everything else including fashion, reading lists and interesting articles. I’m not making a big art journaling project or categorized album here, simply glue-sticking in the pages I can’t live without. I used a Sharpie marker to label the covers and spines.
tidy books DIYtidy books DIYBaby steps, but these fit tidily on my bookcase and are close-by when I’m looking for a little inspiration. The clutter is gone and for the price of a magazine each, these books are giving me a little sense of accomplishment. I’m giddy about tackling bigger projects and you know I’ll keep you posted!