I’m on a new path to wellness and a bit nervous-excited to tell you about it! Just over a month ago I started an at-home fitness program from Beachbody called 21 Day Fix. I heard about it through Meg, whose house I went to for craft weekend. I was too late getting my kit to do it at the same time as her but was definitely encouraged by her success.
21 day fix and beyond www.nestinthewest.comAs the name suggests, the program’s intent is to fix both eating and workout habits in 3 weeks. A pretty tall order, but it delivered. Now let me say that I’ve never been one for at-home workouts, even yoga. I get distracted and don’t follow through. Also it just seems weird since I work at a gym and am there 5 days a week! I’m so so so glad I gave this one a try because it’s amazing!
21 day fix and beyond www.nestinthewest.comThe 21 day fix is a challenging but do-able combination of daily 30 minute workouts and portion controlled clean eating. The start-up package includes a 2 DVD set with 7 workouts, a shaker cup for smoothies and 7 rainbow color-coded food containers (yes, the rainbow colors were a draw for me). When I saw the size of said food containers, I was seriously worried. They seemed tiny – but are actually perfect. I love the workouts so much that I’m getting up at 5:20AM (yes, I’m shouting that) to do them before work. My eating has never been better and I find I’m spending a chunk of my Sunday afternoons preparing meals and healthy snacks for the week ahead. As in, I’m cooking. And I’m liking it! This doesn’t feel like a chore or punishment the way other programs have. I’m having no problem sticking with it because I’m always full. No deprivation here!
21 day fix and beyond www.nestinthewest.comA huge bonus has been an on-line coach, Marta Viefhaus-Mazzola. You may have heard of her, she’s one of the four fit sisters who have a food and fitness blog. Marta set up a private Facebook group for about 20 of us providing top-notch advice and accountability. If you’re looking to get healthy and fit in a real and honest way, I highly recommend Marta. She’s walking the talk! My fellow participants have been an unexpected source of encouragement too. We’re sharing recipes, stories and positive vibes. It’s a sisterhood thing!
My 21 day stint officially ended last week with what I consider huge success. I’m still practicing the new habits and have taken them on as a lifestyle choice. My body is happy with the changes and I’m enjoying my skinny jeans again. Woohoo! Here’s to the next 21 days…and beyond!

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  1. I’m about to buy the program myself after reading your rave revue! I would love to change up my fitness regime. Do I need to buy weights for the program? I am looking to be picture ready and energized for my wedding day and beyond :)).

  2. cool beans kiddo! Iam working out in the morning now andaltho it isnt easy to get going with a back that has Issues, I have a much better day after. I still do a little whaet anfd dairy but I get how that makes a huge difference esp in the menpause years!!!!You arenot there yet,just sayin. CongraTS ON YOUR SUCCESS!

  3. My Beachbody kit arrived this Monday! I can’t believe how quick delivery was! I’ll be easing into the workouts. Perhaps next month but I’ve jumped right into using the containers. They are such happy colours! I love knowing I’m eating proper portions. Taking the guess work out of healthy meal prep is what I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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