imageOnce in a while I take crazy chances. The latest was buying yams. I know, I live on the edge. I did this as part of my effort to eat cleaner and try cooking new things. The only way I’d ever had yams was as fries and I’m quite sure deep fried isn’t considered clean eating. So, I brought these home and soon realized I have no idea how to cook them. I did what any other Aunty would do and called my 19 year old nephew for help. G (clearly not his full name but actually what we call him!) is the most fitness and health conscious person I know. He’s always been a competitive athlete and his current passion is body building. Which works out great for me because he answers all my nutrition questions and makes gym workouts for me…plus he cooks! I did exactly what he told me and now I’m going to tell you!


  • Peel your yam(s). I used medium sized ones and wasn’t super picky about this and left some patches of skin on.
  • Cut them into wedges. The size is really up to you. I’d call mine large fries or small wedges.
  • Put them in a bowl or ziplock bag and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle on some seasoning. I used a vegetable seasoning I found in bulk. Toss to evenly coat all your pieces.
  • Empty onto a foil lined baking pan and cook at 400F. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of your wedges and personal preference. I did 12-15 minutes per side, turning halfway through cooking. I like a bit of crispness at the edges so you may want to reduce cooking time if that’s not your style.

imageLoaded with vitamin B and C plus potassium and fibre, these are as good for you as they are yummy. Here’s the entire clean meal I put together: garden fresh lettuce topped with quinoa, tomato, yams and grilled shrimp. I think even G was impressed with this one!
imageThis little success is motivating me to take on more new cooking adventures. Any suggestions?

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