Hello and welcome! I’m Lesley, a forty+ first time home owner with a passion for DIY, imagedecorating, crafting and hanging out in my little nest. Yup, a bit of a late bloomer but better now than never, right?! Join me as I try out new projects, ideas and generally keep the creative juices flowing while keeping to a frugal budget and making this tiny townhouse my own.

When I’m not cutting, painting or organizing I also have a Monday through Friday job in marketing at a world class recreation facility here on the west coast of Canada – Victoria to be exact. It’s a good gig but doesn’t quite fill my need to make stuff. That’s what I’m here for!

I’ve been a crafty, DIY, try anything once kind of girl for a long time. The projects and instructions I share here are ones that have worked for me. I’m not liable if you are injured or encounter problems while taking on the same projects. Please let safety and common sense be your guides and ask for help from professionals when needed.


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