Handmade quilt prizeOn Christmas Eve Eve, I arrived home from a gift exchange/coffee date to a message on my phone saying I’d won a raffle draw. Stop the presses – I’m a girl that never wins anything! I buy pretty much ever raffle ticket that goes around my workplace because they’re all for good causes. I think of it more as making a donation rather than waiting to win something. Well, all that changed this Christmas. This particular raffle benefits local kids in need and I’ve been buying tickets for over 10 years. It’s a given. The prizes are always totally random since they’re all donated. You’re just as likely to win a fishing charter as a wine kit. Drumroll please…I won a handmade quilt!!!!
Quilt prizeI picked it up on Christmas Eve and the magic of the season hit me full-on. The quilt is absolutely beautiful with 12 different patterned blocks all done in a variety of tasteful colors on a creamy white background. I’ve done just enough quilting to appreciate the work, time, effort and expense that’s gone into my prize. I feel so fortunate, but there’s more. On a back corner of the quilt, the maker has signed it:
God Bless
From Audrey
Lady Quilter 2013
Quilt prizeNow, I don’t consider myself very spiritual and definitely not religious, but this touched me deeply. Tears instantly. Friends, it’s been a busy, difficult couple of months for me. My job has been really hectic with long days and extra workload, plus I have a second little job consigning my crafts, plus my Dad spent 8 weeks in hospital very ill. But here it was Christmas Eve and I have days off, crafts are all delivered and Dad is safely home. And I am holding a precious gift in my hands.
Quilt prizeI am fighting every urge to pack the quilt away and keep it “good”. Instead it’s hanging over an arm of my couch ready to cuddle and get cozy with. And in the new year, I’ll track Audrey down and thank her profusely. How is it that someone could donate such a handmade treasure and I could I receive it? Fate? Faith? Good karma? I don’t know but it’s made me feel blessed, supported by the universe and loved. God bless indeed.

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  1. What an AMAZING prize! My husband has this habit of picking up quilts at estate and garage sales, so we have a bazillion — but we love them! So cozy 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Jenn! I’d totally do the same as your hubby but quilt finds are rare in these parts. I scored one at a thrift in the summer and practically skipped home with it. There’s just something so cozy and homey about a good quilt! Enjoy yours.

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