You guys, I’m pretty excited to tell you I’ve completed week 1 of Mastering Your DSLR, an on-line camera course through A Beautiful Mess. I say camera course rather than photography course because it’s really to help beginners like me figure out how to use their cameras properly….like taking it off of automatic!
blossomsI have to say I was a bit nervous but am so glad I took the plunge. In this first week I’ve learned how to manually set the shutter speed and seen through practice how that impacts photos. Each week consists of a lesson, mini lesson and ends with a creative assignment. There are lots of materials including pdf downloads, videos, a class forum and photo gallery for support.
flagsI’m a total advocate of life-long learning and am so happy to be picking up a new skill that I hope will lead to another lasting hobby. The learning curve is pretty big but I’m pretty sure I’ll get there – one week at a time.
fountainHere are my four favourite shots this week. The lesson centred around shutter speeds (slow), capturing movement (the flags) and water (a fountain and pond). The blossom shot is a wildcard! As an interesting aside, taking photos at a fountain was one of the creative assignment suggestions – turns out there are 6 within walking distance of my home. I never realized that until now. See?….learning new stuff is fun!
pond waterFor now the focus is on getting comfortable with the camera, not on creativity. That’ll come, right?! What about you – is anyone picking up a new hobby or trying something new? Spring seems like a great time for fresh starts!

6 Comments on Camera course – week 1

  1. Great shots! Love the flag one especially – I have this thing about flags blowing in the wind, I think they’re gorgeous. Glad you found a good course to get you started!

  2. I love the fountain and pond shots! but I have a thing for water. I am plugging along with my spanish, slow going but I know it is using my brain so thats a good thing at my advanced age !! ha h a:)

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