Patterned jeans are everywhere! I really like them but the price tag, not so much, especially since this trend probably won’t last long.¬†Fear not frugal fashionistas…we can knock these off on the cheap. Check the back of your closet or your local thrift shop for a pair of jeans and gather your supplies:

  • clean jeans
  • fabric paint (I used matte white)
  • sponge make up applicator
  • circle punch or exacto knife (mine is a 5/8″ circle I had on hand but you can use a heart or star punch found at Michaels too)
  • scrap of thin cardboard ¬†(I used a paint chip)
  • paper plate (or the like for pouring paint onto)
  • 2 strips of cardboard or newspaper and a paper towel
  • ruler and chalk or marking pencil

supplies1)Punch hole(s) with hole punch or knife into thin scrap of cardboard to make a stencil for painting your dots. I made 3 holes, 3″ apart to make for easier painting and lining up.

2) Lay your jeans out on a table or countertop and get them to lay as flat as possible. Insert cardboard or newspaper into jean legs and top to prevent paint from seeping through (this is really just a precaution, we won’t use enough paint to do any damage but better safe than sorry!).

3) Use your ruler and chalk to measure and mark where your dots will go. I spaced mine 3″ apart on all sides and staggered each row so the pattern kind of alternated. You can free hand this if you’re comfortable with that and the chalk marks can always be changed by erasing with a damp cloth. I am an OCD candidate and felt the need to mark out a uniform pattern.

4) Once you’re happy with your pattern, squeeze a small puddle of paint onto your plate and dip your sponge into it. srartedWipe most of it off by dabbing it onto a paper towel. Lay your stencil over a chalk mark and dab your paint onto the denim exposed through the hole. Be sure to cover the whole area and don’t worry about painting onto the cardboard, that’s what we made the stencil for. Move your stencil to the next chalk mark and repeat. You’ll come across a seam at some point, just paint right over it!

5) Let dry for about and hour then turn the jeans over and continue the same process for the back. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing. You’re done!

Now prance around in your trendy new jeans feeling pretty smug about doing it yourself….and perhaps splurge on a new top with the money you saved!

These are safe to machine wash and dry since fabric paint is permanent.