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Pink patio for Christmas

pink patio for ChristmasI’m dreaming of a pink Christmas! Actually I don’t have to dream it, ‘cos I’m living it. “A girl lives here!”…my holiday decorating is practically calling out! I chose pink as my color scheme and ran with it. Here’s a peek at how the front patio’s looking these days. I started with strings of pink lights around my door and window then added icicle lights inside the front window. Big impact in a small space!
yarn wrapped wreathSome sort of wreath hangs on my door year round so I carried the pink theme on with this crazy yarn-wrapped version. It’s just a foam form wrapped in fluffy yarn with felt and yarn decorations pinned to it. The chipboard letters are hung on pompom yarn with mini clothespins for a joyful message! I love how casual and fun it is.
pink patio for ChristmasNext I wrapped some floral wire around evergreen branches to create a quick swag and finished it off with pink glitter ribbon, naturally! This was definitely an outdoor project…glitter and branches all over the place! It’s hooked onto the rocking chair with wire and I really like the green and pink on a white background. Leftover boughs got tucked under the lantern on my bench and another bit of glitter ribbon lives there too.
pink patio for ChristmasAnd that’s it! Kinda minimal but the pink delivers a great pop of color and whimsy! This is my favourite holiday decor ever. How about you?…any unexpected color choices or themes in your Christmas decorating?

Little gifts – a handmade wrap up

My absolute favourite part of the holiday season is making and giving gifts. I love treating my friends and family to little goodies I’ve made just for them. If you’re thinking of going homemade this season, you need to get on it. Here’s a wrap-up of some recent projects that would be perfect to whip up for the nice people on your list!
lip balm DIYThis recipe for Lip Balm is one of my all time favourites. It’s quick, easy and cheap to mix up a batch.
imageTeam the lip balm with this Lemon Sugar Scrub or Dry Shampoo…add a candle and you’ve got a spa themed gift. What girl doesn’t appreciate that?!
rustic tray DIYI’m still a total fan of all things chalkboard painted. If you’ve got some building skills, put together a Rustic Tray. If that’s a bit ambitious, how about these Chalkboard Placemats?!
Chalkboard placematsOr try Chalkboard Painted Glassware and even fill that glassware with Sugar and Spice flavoured sugar.
chalkboard paint on glass DIYflavoured sugarSo many options and I haven’t even started on the edible gifts! Get crafty this weekend and I bet you’ll have more fun giving gifts than ever before…and really, isn’t that what it’s all about!?

The evolution of ‘LOVE’

“Aunty, why does it say LOE on your wall?”
Totally real and valid question from my niece. See, I spotted these great letters at Michaels and was trying to spell out ‘love’ but they didn’t have a ‘v’. I watched the letters for weeks and checked both local stores but they never had a ‘v’. When they went on clearance for 75 cents I couldn’t resist. I bought them and propped them on top of my tall leaning mirror.
The next thing I see, my niece has added a post-it note ‘v’ to the set. Gotta love a girl that’s got your back like that. I was actually tempted to leave it that way because it’s a cute story and such a sign of resourcefulness. But I’m a bit anal….
Love lettersSo I picked up a wooden letter from the dollar store to take its place and hauled out the glue gun and leftover yarn from the pompom garland project. 20 minutes of wrapping later, I had my love!
Yarn wrapped letter The whole mismatched and irregular wrap job is a stretch for my OCD self but I’m giving it a try. The neonized rainbow colors are a great pop of color on these darker days. Plus you know how I feel about a bargain – $3.25 for the set warms my heart. So there you have it, the evolution of my ‘love’!

How about trying this for the holidays? Spell ‘joy’, ‘noel’ or ‘peace’ and wrap them for your mantle? Pretty cheap and easy project, just sayin’!