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Map lamp – an Ikea hack

ikea lamp hackThere was this dark little corner on my bookcases crying out for light. When I spotted an Ikea glass lamp at the local thrift I knew it would work perfectly. Except it didn’t. The light was way too bright and glaring, totally distracting when I tried to read or watch a movie. I hate feeling like I’ve wasted money and it was the perfect fit for the spot….so, I hacked it.
Ikea lamp,hack, beforeI photocopied a page from a vintage atlas, trimmed it to fit and wrapped it around the glass lamp. My original thought was to modge-podge it on but I actually just tacked it where the paper joins with good ole scotch tape. Now I can change the map out if I get tired of it and I haven’t ruined the lamp. Cue the angels singing here.
Ikea lamp hack, afterBonus that the lamp ties in with my globe collection and displays my home town. Seriously, I love it when a simple plan works out and that my $5 was well spent!

Twig antlers – or twantlers

twig antlers DIYIn case you haven’t noticed taxidermy, real and faux, are big trends in decorating. Ceramic busts abound and antlers are being used to hang hats and holiday decor. I almost purchased a white cardboard moose rack for my place but just couldn’t hand over the $68 asking price. So, I made something instead – twig antlers, or twantlers as I call them. Gather these supplies and make some too:

  • 2 twigs of similar length and fullness
  • a wooden plaque (mine was $1.50 at Michaels)
  • paint in your color choice
  • drill with bit
  • glue
  • eye or sawtooth picture holder (or similar for hanging)

twig antler DIYChoosing twigs was actually the hardest part so start with that. Go for a walk in the woods, visit a quiet park or reach over to your neighbor’s yard, whatever it takes to get two kinda matching twigs with several forked branches. Clip off any stray bits, trim the ends with a diagonal cut and set aside.
Nail or glue your hanger to the back of your wooden plaque…do this now because your twigs will get damaged if you try to do it later…trust me on this one.
Select a drill bit that is similar in diameter to the base of your twigs. Load it into the drill and make two holes about 1-3 inches apart depending on the size of plaque you’ve chosen. Drill at a slight inward and downward angle, not straight up.
Paint the plaque and let dry.
Put a dab of glue in each drilled hole and insert the twigs. Hold to set then allow to dry completely.
twig antler DIYtwig antler DIYtwig antler DIYHang your twantlers with pride, knowing no animals or bank accounts were harmed in the making! Decorate if you wish, just keep it light on the twigs. Enjoy!

PS: how are you doing with your simple monthly goals? We’re halfway through October and I hope you’re accomplishing what you set out to. 

Pompoms garlands

pompom garlandIt’s official…I’m obsessed with garlands. I’ve got them hanging in every room of my home plus outside. They’re fun and whimsical…I’m smitten. Here are a couple of easy DIY pompom garlands I’m hoping will inspire you to join the craze. For the first one, I used:

  • a ball of multicoloured yarn
  • a pompom maker (do not go buy one if you don’t already have one – so not necessary!)
  • a tapestry needle

I followed the instructions on the pompom maker but you can also make them using this method. I just made 5 to hang across my little fireplace. Make as many as you like! Tie your ends really tight and trim both the ends. Decide on how long you need your hanging string to be and cut a piece of yarn to that length plus a few inches on either end for hanging loops. Thread it through a tapestry needle then through each pompom’s centre. Tie loops at each end. Hang and spread out pompoms evenly (oh wait, that’s just my OCD…spread them however you like).
pompom garlandpompom garland DIYFor an even easier mini garland, gather:

  • bag of store bought pre made pompoms
  • length of embroidery thread
  • tapestry needle

Decide on the length you want and cut the embroidery thread to that plus a bit for hanging loops. Tie a loop at one end and thread the needle on to the other. Push the needle through the centre of each mini pompom being sure to get through the thickest spot. Slide pompoms along your thread and keep going until you like how it looks. Remove needle and tie a loop on the unfinished end.
mini pompom garland DIYSuper simple, super cute! Hang them across window frames, mirrors, bed posts and anywhere else your heart desires (like off your twig antlers!). Do you think you can stop at just one?

All supplies for the first garland were bought at Michaels, for the mini version all supplies are from the Dollar Store.