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The evolution of ‘LOVE’

“Aunty, why does it say LOE on your wall?”
Totally real and valid question from my niece. See, I spotted these great letters at Michaels and was trying to spell out ‘love’ but they didn’t have a ‘v’. I watched the letters for weeks and checked both local stores but they never had a ‘v’. When they went on clearance for 75 cents I couldn’t resist. I bought them and propped them on top of my tall leaning mirror.
The next thing I see, my niece has added a post-it note ‘v’ to the set. Gotta love a girl that’s got your back like that. I was actually tempted to leave it that way because it’s a cute story and such a sign of resourcefulness. But I’m a bit anal….
Love lettersSo I picked up a wooden letter from the dollar store to take its place and hauled out the glue gun and leftover yarn from the pompom garland project. 20 minutes of wrapping later, I had my love!
Yarn wrapped letter The whole mismatched and irregular wrap job is a stretch for my OCD self but I’m giving it a try. The neonized rainbow colors are a great pop of color on these darker days. Plus you know how I feel about a bargain – $3.25 for the set warms my heart. So there you have it, the evolution of my ‘love’!

How about trying this for the holidays? Spell ‘joy’, ‘noel’ or ‘peace’ and wrap them for your mantle? Pretty cheap and easy project, just sayin’!

Map lamp – an Ikea hack

ikea lamp hackThere was this dark little corner on my bookcases crying out for light. When I spotted an Ikea glass lamp at the local thrift I knew it would work perfectly. Except it didn’t. The light was way too bright and glaring, totally distracting when I tried to read or watch a movie. I hate feeling like I’ve wasted money and it was the perfect fit for the spot….so, I hacked it.
Ikea lamp,hack, beforeI photocopied a page from a vintage atlas, trimmed it to fit and wrapped it around the glass lamp. My original thought was to modge-podge it on but I actually just tacked it where the paper joins with good ole scotch tape. Now I can change the map out if I get tired of it and I haven’t ruined the lamp. Cue the angels singing here.
Ikea lamp hack, afterBonus that the lamp ties in with my globe collection and displays my home town. Seriously, I love it when a simple plan works out and that my $5 was well spent!

Mini clipboard frame

Mini clipboard frameFile this one under “it’s the little things”! I recently picked up 3 mini clipboards from my neighbourhood dollar store. They measure 6″ by 9″ and I’m having fun using them as quick-change picture frames.
I’m lucky enough to have friends that still send cards in the mail, you know, with a stamp and everything. I like to keep them for a bit and prolong the enjoyment. That’s how I first started using the mini clipboards. I clipped on a card then put a pin in the wall at the end of my breakfast bar and hung it up. It’s been there ever since and I replace the card with invitations, words of wisdom, colors to consider or seasonal bits. It’s so easy to change!
Mini clipboard frameYou’ve already seen another one of these at my countertop coffee station. This is just scrapbook paper I’ve run through the printer. I love this quote but also know it’s not a permanent fixture.
Mini clipboard frame Little change ups like this help my tiny home stay fresh and let me focus on what I’m into that day or week. It could be my niece’s latest creation, an inspirational quote, an art card or a leaf from the garden. Proof that little things can make a big difference.