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Five for Friday

It’s been an interesting week! Actually it’s an interesting season…one of change, growth and light. I’m loving it. My energy is going in a few different directions these days – here’s a quick peek.
Friday five on www.nestinthewest.comOn the fitness front, I’m happy to report I’m on about day 50 of the 21 Day Fix program. It’s become a lifestyle, yay! Doing my workouts early before days get too busy is key and the clean eating is making my body feel so much better that it’s easy to stay motivated. I dropped 10 pounds in the first 21 days and have kept them off for a month now.
Friday five on www.nestinthewest.comAs part of my clean eating efforts, I’m trying out new recipes. Fish and veggies are easy but the baking is a bit more challenging. This granola bar recipe is my latest attempt at healthy treats. Um, a bit lack lustre. Not awful but they definitely have that really-good-for-you taste. I’ll keep playing with it adding peanut butter and maybe mini chocolate chips next time.
Friday five on www.nestinthewest.comRemember when I sent out mail to my faraway friends? Well, I got happy-mailed right back from sweet Amy in Texas. She sent me Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and it’s awesome. I’ve only had it for a couple of days/chapters but am already excited. He uses fitness analogies which I can totally relate to and gives great common sense advice. I can’t wait to get deeper into it and set up a plan. I have big dreams friends and they take money. So grateful to Amy for this life changer!
Friday five on www.nestinthewest.comIt’s ‘bike to work week’ here. Does your town do this? We’re encouraged to cycle to work to protect the environment, improve health etc. and since I work in Recreation it’s practically required! So I hauled the bike out of storage, walked it to the gas station to pump up the tires and got my helmet ready. I do this every year, and every year I wonder why I don’t ride more often. Most of my route is on the Galloping Goose trail which is absolutely beautiful and traffic free! Can I tell you about my bike? She’s a 1989 mountain bike that weighs almost as much as I do. But she holds a special place in my heart because my brothers gave her to me for Christmas waaaaaay back in the day. We’re out of style yet very happy together.
Friday five on www.nestinthewest.comLast but not least! I’m getting my side patio prepped for warm weather sit-outs in hope that if I build it the sunshine will come. The hanging baskets and string of lights are nice touches now I’m adding a teeny tiny pond (in a pot)! I fished out my old pump and spitter statue (which is so ugly it’s cute) and hope to get it all set up this weekend complete with plants and fish! There’s nothing like a little water trickle to add zen to a space…right?!

I hope Spring is a time of change and rejuvenation for you! Let me know what you’re up to these days…any projects on the go? Happy Friday to you!

5 years in my nest

Home www.nestinthewest.comToday marks the fifth anniversary of becoming a first-time home owner and I can’t believe how quickly the time’s gone by! That day of getting my keys and walking into MY home were a dream come true. And honestly, it’s been pretty good ever since.

Home www.nestinthewest.comI’ve definitely learned a lot and have had to become more responsible as a home owner – things like emergency savings, property taxes, mortgages and strata bylaws. I’ve also completely changed how I feel about home. I love making changes, swapping out artwork, furniture and front patio decor often to keep it fresh and put my style stamp on it. Nothing feels permanent! I’m embracing color and light and I dare say, enjoying more time in the kitchen. I walk more, exploring the neighbourhood and love having little outdoor spaces. Living in a small home has also taught me to live with less and be more organized…all good stuff!

Home www.nestinthewest.comMy plan at the time of purchase was to live in this tiny townhouse for 2 or 3 years and flip it to something bigger in a better neighbourhood. Ha! The real estate market hasn’t allowed me to do that yet but I’m still hopeful. And when that day comes, I know what features of my current home I’d like again:

  • hardwood floors
  • big windows with lots of trim
  • a village type neighbourhood walking distance to groceries, parks and a Starbucks

I sure also know what I’d love to add next time around:

  • a spare bedroom/studio space
  • high ceilings
  • a bit of fixing up to do
  • and quiet or no neighbours!

Home www.nestinthewest.comFor today, I’m celebrating the biggest purchase of my life with hanging flower baskets and a cocktail on the side patio! The best part of my home is that it’s mine. Now tell me – what’s the favourite part of your home?

Happy mail

One of the things on my Spring bucket list is to send out happy mail. Mission accomplished and there’s more to come. You all know what I mean by happy mail, right?! It’s those packages or envelopes that arrive by snail mail to your home containing something other than your credit card statement, electric company bill or the like. No window envelopes here, give me the colored ones, preferably cluttered with stickers any day.
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comMy bestie in Nashville is really good with happy mail. She regularly sends cards, inspirational messages, artwork or little treats and I love it. I vowed to get better at doing the same and have to say I’m having so much fun with it. I sent out my latest batch this weekend to far away friends in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. I had a great time coming up with a little craft and goodies for them. The clerk at my local post office knows me now and comments on my washi taped packages. She even gave me a handful of customs labels to speed things up next time! They’re on their way but the fun is still in progress for me. I’m anticipating their arrival to my friends’ homes and hope they bring a smile. And let them know I’m thinking of them!
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comA closeby friend asked me if this wasn’t maybe an expensive hobby? Well, admittedly postage isn’t cheap but I easily justify it. If these pals lived closer we’d probably meet for coffee, lunch or movies. A wee parcel is about the same cost and is totally worth it to me! I fully acknowledge that this activity brings as much happiness to me as it does to the recipient. Let’s call that a win-win!
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comIt’s the simple pleasures and acts of kindness that make life rich, so why not consider sending a little out in the world? Ordering happy mail via etsy or big cartel to your own address totally counts in my mind. Kindness starts at home right!? Go ahead, get happy!