When pictures of blackboard walls started appearing in decorating magazines and Pinterest boards, I was immediately smitten. I knew I wanted to try this out myself. Two problems, my tiny townhouse doesn’t have a suitable wall and the blackness made me worry about making a small space appear even smaller. Who knew the solution would be as easy as Benjamin Moore and a door?

Yup, in the spirit of working with what I’ve got, I painted a door with chalkboard paint that’s tintable to any of Benjamin Moore’s gorgeous colors.

imagePaint prep was much easier on the door than it would be on a wall because there were no nail holes to fill and sand and no areas to be masking taped. I just removed the handle and its hardware, gave it a good wipe down with TSP and warm water (wear gloves for this!), opened the door wide and slid a drop cloth under it.

imageThis door has a recessed trim which I cut in with a 2″ sash brush first. Then I used a narrow low pile roller for the rest. It dried for about 2 hours, then I repeated the process for a good second coat. I let this dry overnight then put the hardware back on.

The paint comes with very specific instructions about conditioning the surface before writing on it and even the type of chalk to use. Please be sure to read and follow them if you do this yourself!image

So there you have it. An amazing shot of color AND a functioning chalkboard in just a few hours. Honestly, the most challenging part of this project was deciding on the paint color…there are so many beautiful choices! I settled on ‘poolside blue’ and love it!

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    • I have left over paint so no surface is safe now! Considering my coffee table next. Definitely suitable for your island paradise….do I detect a painting weekend in our future!?

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