fall bucket listWow. What a difference a week can make. After giving myself permission to hang on to summer, the weather changed here and I’m taking baby steps toward embracing autumn…still in shorts and flip-flops mind you. With cooler mornings and shorter daylight hours, I’m thinking about baking and polishing my boots. For me, each season starts with a bucket list of good intentions for celebrating, organizing and staying on track. Without further ado:

  • host an aunty dinner, this involves my teenage nephews and their girlfriends coming over for a meal and a catch-up at my house. I love that they’re willing to hang out!
  • go to a pumpkin patch and take photos
  • purge the jacket and shoes closet
  • decorate the front entry for Fall
  • take swimming lessons; I’m very comfortable in the water but never learned a proper stroke with breathing and that’s my goal. I do work at an amazing aquatics centre after all, it would be nice to use it!
  • plant garlic on October 31; it’s folklore
  • play with zentangles; artsy doodle meditation they say….worth a try.
  • have a pumpkin spice latte; uh, totally mandatory!
  • run 2 times each week minimum
  • visit the apple orchard
  • have a crafty sleepover with Sydney; my lovely niece, always so much fun!
  • exercise everyday; even if it’s just for a 20 minute walk, keep moving
  • be thankful, really thankful
  • reorganize the home office area; um yeah, this was on the summer bucket list and didn’t get done. Maybe the cooler weather will make it easier to stay inside?

fall bucket listI’ve unintentionally made a new tradition by using a coloring page for the list. Coloring makes me slow down, relax and contemplate. Plus I’m a total sucker for sharpie markers and pencil crayons. Now your turn, what’s on your bucket list?

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  1. you do realize you should be an elementary school teacher dont you? i LOVE the coloring page for the bucket list. i think i will do an art journal page like that when i get home.
    I am just going to carry on with my usual , exercise, piano and Spanish goals with a peppering of craft projects, like the Mexico scrapbook kit that I have been trying to do for 2 years now!
    i love the way you organize your life. it makes everything so much more fun!

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