www.nestinthewest.comWell, that was a rather long and unintentional blog break! I’m going to chalk it up to summer – I’m out doing and enjoying my favourite season more than sitting writing about it. Right now, I’m smack-dab in the middle of a two week stay-cation and have been having lots of fun and a few getaways even before this. Here’s a quick catch-up before I resume regular posting next week!
Garrett Hayden on www.nestinthewest.comI took a day trip over to Vancouver to see my oldest nephew compete in his first body-building event. This is one of those experiences I’d never have if not for being an Aunty and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out. It was a blast! Loud pumping music, flashing lights, hooting, hollering and, of course, muscles! I’m ridiculously proud of Garrett for his discipline, hard work and absolute commitment. And wow, he took home first place……amazing!
www.nestinthewest.comThe following weekend was BC Day here and I took full advantage of the extra day off by scooting to Seattle – a city that’s near and dear to my heart. I stayed with my awesome cousin, who took such good care of me. In the course of the weekend we: had dinner at my fave restaurant (Scotch & Vine in Des Moines if you ever get there), took in a barbecue complete with Blue Angels air show with friends, had dinner with his daughters (also my cousins!), attended his youngest daughter’s wedding and spent a day boating on Lake Washington. So, so good. Cousins make the best friends!
www.nestinthewest.comI met a new favourite cocktail – the Moscow Mule. Do you know this one? I’ll admit that the special copper cup drew me in but this is also such a refreshing summer drink. Make your own with vodka, ginger beer and lime and hit up a patio now!
www.nestinthewest.comI’m ‘pumped’ about my current fitness routine. I’ve had such positive results with the 21 Day Fix program that I’m still doing it, usually early in the mornings before work. I’ve also added a second Beachbody program called Les Mills Pump to try to build more definition and tone. It’s a barbell based workout which is totally new to me and I’m loving it. It makes me feel strong! Along with this, Garrett is helping me keep my nutrition on track and it all feels like I’m on the right path!
www.nestinthewest.comHave you heard of the annual ‘mug swap’ on Instagram? The premise is simple: you sign up and are given a secret buddy to send a mug and optional additional goodies to. It’s a snail-mail-happy-kind-of-blessing thing with over 1000 participants! Well, I’m in and I’m having so much fun with it. My girl loves pink and reading, just like me, so it’s been easy to come up with goodies for her. Surprisingly, the mug was the hardest piece to choose. My parcel ships out today and I’m more excited for the giving than what I may receive.

Ok, we’re all up to date now! I truly hope you’re having your best summer ever and that you’ll check back in for more regular posts. Cheers to the weekend, and you!

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