According to folklore, Halloween is the perfect time to plant garlic. The bulbs get tucked in the ground before the coldest part of the year and your home is vampire proofed at the same time. Win, win.
Planting garlicIf you’ve never grown your own garlic, I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s a low-to-no maintenance plant yet produces much better tasting garlic than you’ll ever find in a store. Here’s what to do:
Purchase a bulb, or many from a garden centre or nursery – not the grocery store.
Gently pull each clove from the main bulb keeping as much of the papery covering on as possible.
Plant in a sunny spot with the pointy end up and the flatter end facing down. Holes need to be about 3″ deep so that each clove is covered with 2″ of soil. Space each clove about 6″ apart. Cover with leaves or other mulch.
Bulbs and plants don’t normally need any watering. Just be sure to mark their spot so you don’t disturb them if you add to your garden later. Putting them at the back of a plot is ideal.
Planting garlicSprouts will appear late winter and your garlic is ready for harvesting mid-summer. Each individual clove will produce a bulb like the one it came from.
Don’t have a sunny spot or room in your garden? Me either, so I actually plant mine in pots. I like to put 5 cloves in a large planter that I can move to a sunny spot. I add annual flowers in the spring – garlic loves flowers!
Planting garlicWere you expecting a planting-in-the-dirt photo? Nope, I’m waiting until tomorrow to do that – it’s my only Halloween tradition. Get yourself a garlic bulb today and make it your annual ritual too!

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