imageGold is trending in a big way…in jewelry, clothing, accessories and very much in home decor. But you knew that right? You haven’t been living under a rock. Me either so let’s give this trend a try with a little project for the home…a low budget minimal commitment kind of venture. This one combines some of my favorites things: white, garlands, feathers and glitter – oops I just gave away the supply list! You’ll need:image

  • feathers, I got a pack of 18 white ones for $1.50 at a Dollar store
  • gold paint, I’m using Martha Stewart’s from Michael’s
  • gold glitter, another Dollar store item
  • thread, fine string or embroidery floss and a sharp needle
  • small paint brush, scrap paper, scissors
  • hairspray (optional but recommended)

Okay, so obviously you could use any color of feathers, paint and glitter to still come up with great results. We’re just using gold here because we’re such slaves to fashion. Moving on…

Paint the rounded end of a feather with a light coat of paint on about the last inch or so. While the paint is still wet, lightly sprinkle it with glitter. Repeat for each feather. Shake excess glitter from each feather onto your scrap paper and reserve for your next project. Let dry, it won’t take long.

imageHere’s the big tip part of the post. Get some hairspray…the yucky aerosol kind is best. Lay your glitter feathers on some scrap or newspaper and give the tips a light spraying over with the hairspray. Guess what? It seals the glitter. Not like Hermetically sealed or bullet proof but it keeps it from shaking off and distributing itself all over your house the way glitter likes to do. Let that dry for a few minutes.

imageArrange the dry sparkling feathers in a nice row then thread your string through your needle and poke it through each feather tip in turn. Leave a good tail of thread at each end for hanging. Now you’re ready to display your glitter feather garland across a window, a fireplace, your headboard or wherever you like. And you’re super trendy.

Bonus: I made a bouquet with some extra feathers.

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