Summer is avid-reading season for me. It seems a bit counter intuitive, like winter would be the best stay cozy-inside-and-read time, preferably with a fire and warm drink. But I love nothing more than to sit outside with a good read – at the beach, on a patio or at the park – and this summer I’ve made it through several.
Gone Girl book review www.nestinthewest.comGone Girl by Gillian Flynn was one. Now, I’m going to be intentionally vague because I don’t want to risk spoilers. The basics are this: we meet an amazing couple Nick and Amy on their fifth anniversary. Amy disappears and Nick’s reaction seems suspicious. Perhaps he’s killed her. Yet no body is discovered.

The rest is revealed through Nick’s voice and Amy’s diary. Nick is not the super nice guy he first appeared to be. His disposable phone and lack of concern raise doubts while the insight into Amy’s thoughts are downright disturbing. The distinct voices and perspectives of the main characters are this novel’s strength, along with incredible attention to detail. All is not as it seems with these two and it gets hard to determine the truth from lies, reality from daydreams. The author is a great manipulator and really tests loyalties – both the characters’ and the readers’.

Make no mistake, this is a thriller! Just when I thought I had it figured out, Flynn’s plot twists completely surprised me. I spoke to a few friends that have also read this and opinions were strong but varied. Like the story or not, the writing is brilliant! If you’re up for a fast-paced twisted mystery, give it a try. But be warned, this one is dark!

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  1. I started reading it for book club but had to stop. I guess i am keeping up too much with the happenings of our dark world and I dont need anymore darkness. it does seem to be well written tho. Funny , one of my fave movies is gladiator and it sure has some

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