One of the things on my Spring bucket list is to send out happy mail. Mission accomplished and there’s more to come. You all know what I mean by happy mail, right?! It’s those packages or envelopes that arrive by snail mail to your home containing something other than your credit card statement, electric company bill or the like. No window envelopes here, give me the colored ones, preferably cluttered with stickers any day.
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comMy bestie in Nashville is really good with happy mail. She regularly sends cards, inspirational messages, artwork or little treats and I love it. I vowed to get better at doing the same and have to say I’m having so much fun with it. I sent out my latest batch this weekend to far away friends in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. I had a great time coming up with a little craft and goodies for them. The clerk at my local post office knows me now and comments on my washi taped packages. She even gave me a handful of customs labels to speed things up next time! They’re on their way but the fun is still in progress for me. I’m anticipating their arrival to my friends’ homes and hope they bring a smile. And let them know I’m thinking of them!
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comA closeby friend asked me if this wasn’t maybe an expensive hobby? Well, admittedly postage isn’t cheap but I easily justify it. If these pals lived closer we’d probably meet for coffee, lunch or movies. A wee parcel is about the same cost and is totally worth it to me! I fully acknowledge that this activity brings as much happiness to me as it does to the recipient. Let’s call that a win-win!
Happy mail www.nestinthewest.comIt’s the simple pleasures and acts of kindness that make life rich, so why not consider sending a little out in the world? Ordering happy mail via etsy or big cartel to your own address totally counts in my mind. Kindness starts at home right!? Go ahead, get happy!

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