homemade xmas crackers www.nestinthewest.comProbably my very favourite holiday tradition is making Christmas crackers for my family’s dinner. Pretty sure I’ve been doing them for over 25 years now and I still love it.
I’m very lucky in that my sister-in-law always cooks the turkey and hosts us all at her and my older brother’s house. Over the years we’ve all taken on little tasks to contribute to the meal. I get off easy with dessert and crackers. Score.
I know I’ve left this a bit late to share so file the idea away for next year if it’s too much to whip them up for this year. They’re actually super simple to make. Save your empty toilet rolls, purchase a package of snaps (from Michaels) then fill each roll with goodies, wrap them up in regular old wrapping paper, tie the ends with ribbon or wire garland (I really like the stars) and share them at your Christmas dinner!
homemade xmas crackers www.nestinthewest.comSome stuffing suggestions:
For the ladies: nail polish, lip gloss, earrings, hair accessories, bookmarks, kitchen gadgets
For the guys: lottery tickets, mints or gum, lip balm, small tools, nail clippers, key chain, brain teaser games
For kiddos: super bounce balls, Lego people, stickers, parachute guys, small stuffies, wind up toys, whistles, hot wheels cars
homemade xmas crackers www.nestinthewest.comMake these as extravagant or simple as you like. I make 8-10 each year and try to stick to a $5 limit for each. I find the men the hardest. The first few years were okay but now it’s getting tough. Except for that one year when I won NHL hockey tickets at my staff party and slipped one into each of my brothers’ crackers. That one remains unbeatable.
Here are a few tips I’ve learned the hard way along the way: don’t use heavy paper or that plasticy paper – they don’t rip and you need these to break apart. Opposite to the rest of my wrapping endeavors, I go easy with the tape. One piece of double sided tape or even a sticker is enough to seal these….again with the wanting them to break apart! Mark them with who they’re for as you go along! Just write names on a sticker or tag. If you overload a cracker and find the tube is just too small, cut it from end to end, stuff your treats inside then tape it up in a slightly larger tube, done. My family voted to do away with the funny tissue paper hats years ago and use the space for chocolate instead. So that gives you and idea of how we roll – casual and efficient!
homemade xmas crackers www.nestinthewest.comhomemade xmas crackers www.nestinthewest.comThink about adding this personal touch to your holiday gathering – not just for family. Friends will appreciate them too and they make great conversation pieces at the dinner table.

Wishing you and yours all the very best the holiday season has to offer and a big thank you for following along here and letting me share. xox

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  1. that is nothing short of brilliant !! I have never thought of making crackers but this is a great idea so people get some gifts that are just right for them. awesome! Merry merry!

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