frametasticPretty sure I’ve already established that I’m a coffee lover. Drinking it in the summer is always a bit of an issue though. I love my first morning cup piping hot but as the days heat up I like cold drinks. I’ve tried a few iced coffee drinks out and at home and often find them a bit watery….until now.

Allow me to share my full pull iced coffee making success with you. It’s very simple, isn’t it always?! Instead of adding ice cubes to my coffee (and watering it down as the ice melts), I now make coffee ice cubes. Duh! Here’s exactly what I do, and I like to do this in the evening so it’s all ready the following day.

  1. Make a pot of coffee using the regular routine. I love my french press!
  2. Let it steep for longer than usual and let it cool in the process.
  3. Pour enough into an ice cube tray to fill it. I have a separate designated tray just for this but it’s not really necessary. Put that in the freezer.
  4. Reserve any remaining coffee in a pitcher or canning jar and refrigerate.
  5. When ready to make iced coffee:
  • add 5-6 coffee ice cubes to a cup/mug/whatever
  • top it up with the leftover coffee to about halfway if adding milk, all the way if not.
  • add milk, sugar or coffee syrup as usual for coffee. Stir and enjoy!

frametastic (1)frametastic (2)As the cubes melt, more coffee gets released into the cup! Yum.

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