Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comIs it Spring yet? According to the calendar it is but it’s sure taking it’s time reaching my neighbourhood. Maybe a welcoming front patio decked out in a rainbow theme will help? Oh how I love making changes to the entry decor. This bit of curb appeal probably won’t stay up for long (because I have a scrappy project in mind) so I didn’t put heaps of time, money or effort into it.
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comI started with 7 sheets of felt and cut them in half on the long side. Then I cut those bits into bunting flag going from the bottom centre point up to the top point on each side. With the scraps from this, I repeated the process and got a second set of smaller triangles. Ditto for a third tiny set. Each set got sewn in a zigzag stitch onto a length of yarn with long tails left on either side for hanging. The largest garland hangs across my front window, the middle size is across the rocking chair and the little one is on a wreath. The rest of the felt scraps were used to make flowers and foliage for the already-yarn-wrapped wreath. Felt was my go-to for this project because it doesn’t fray, comes in great colors and is inexpensive. I love felt!
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comEvery year I vow not to buy a pot of forced bulbs but I always cave. It’s so nice to have an instant shot of color at the front door. I justify the purchase by planting the bulbs in my garden when they’re done to enjoy next year.
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comThis has just been up for a few days but I gotta say I’m liking it. Coming home to my very own rainbow is making me smile. Now if the sun would just stop by to see it!

2 Comments on Inviting Spring to the front patio

  1. How happy! I adore the bunting. Never thought of using felt, but that’s a great idea. I must admit after Craft Weekend I am bunting obsessed…although I still have to find the perfect place to hang the ones I’ve already made 😉

  2. brilliant once again amiga! I never knew it was called “forced bulbs” , interesting. I just LOVE your felt flowers. I use them on everything…hint…need more in new colors 🙂 spring isnt here yet either so I am glad we are off to mexico for awhile. hugs

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