DIY cut-offsThe night before I was leaving on a little Island getaway I realized I didn’t have the perfect shorts for the trip. This actually happens to me often. Fortunately it was easily remedied this time once I decided cut-offs were needed. Sturdy, comfy, casual but a bit stylish (oh, did I push it with that last bit?). I dug to the back of my closet and hacked up the ideal pair. All you need to do this yourself is a pair of old jeans, a ruler, pencil, scissors and 10 minutes. There are 2 key factors to getting your cut-offs just right:

  1. Start with jeans that are a size or two big for you, boyfriend style or literally men’s jeans are great.
  2. Cut on a slight slant starting with the inseam being the longest and tapering up to the outside of the leg being the shortest. More girly, more flattering, it works.

DIY cut-offsTurn jeans inside out and mark your cutting line with a pencil. Cut at the slight angle mentioned above. Turn right side out and try them on. Adjust length if needed. Lay cut leg on top of uncut leg lining up the waist and inseam. make your second cut using the first leg as your guide.
DIY cut-offsI used an old pair of thrifted Levi’s with a bit of distressing around the seams. I left it at that because I’m well over 40 and just don’t think I can pull off the distress trend! My first cut was a 4″ inseam but when I tried them on they were too long so I cut another inch off. Going for comfortably short without being cheeky (pun intended)!
Just right cut-offs For added softness and to get a good fray, I put them through the washer and dryer. Voila, a just right pair of cut-offs!

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