leather glitter star hairbandDid you really think we’d make it through the holiday season without a glitter project? No way! The glitter in this one is sealed so don’t fret! I made this sparkly hairband with New Year’s eve in mind because a bit of bling is always acceptable then. This is how I made it:
leather glitter star hairbandSupplies:

  • scraps of leather: mine are grey and metallic gold from a Michaels scrap bag. I made 3 grey and 2 gold stars for my hairband
  • silver glitter: I like the fine stuff from Martha Stewart
  • tacky glue, glue gun and Triple Thick sealer (or clear nail polish)
  • tiny scrap of felt
  • scissors
  • a star shape to trace around or draw your own! I used a cookie cutter
  • a wire or elastic style hairband: mine is from a dollar store

leather glitter star hairband1. Trace or draw your stars onto the back side of your leather pieces. I used five. Cut them out.
2. Choose which you’d like glittered, then apply an even coat of tacky glue to the good side of the leather. Sprinkle glitter generously on the glued surface then tap off excess onto a piece of paper and pour it back into the glitter container. Let dry.
3. Cover the glittered stars with ‘triple thick’ or clear nail polish to seal the glitter. Let dry, overnight is best.
4. Use a glue gun to attach your stars to your hairband. Arrange them how you like best – mine is a bit asymmetrical on the hairband and the stars touch without overlapping really. I glued them on with a dot of hot melt glue then added a felt scrap on the inside to make a bigger gluing area and add some softness for wearing.
5. Trim any excess glue or felt bits that might show through onto the front.
6. Pop this on and ring in the new year with sparkle! Of course, you can make yours with any color combination or number of stars you like.
leather glitter star hairbandI’m off to make another one since I’m pretty sure a particular niece is going to talk me out of this one. Wishing you all good things for 2014…may it be happy and bright, full of the people and things you love most!

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