Megduerksen.comYou guys, I’ve been keeping a pretty big secret. Partly because I still can’t believe it’s real and partly because I don’t like thinking of what it’s going to take to reach it.

I am going to Whatever Craft Weekend in Kansas!! For a maker-geek like me this equals winning the lottery. In fact, I did win their lottery to get my space. I leave today and will be home very late on Sunday. Twelve ladies gather at the Newton home of Meg Duerksen to craft, eat, go antiquing, craft and eat some more. Friday night involves sewing an adorable ruffled apron and the rest of the projects are a surprise.
If you have no idea what I’m going on about, enjoy checking out links to Meg’s blog and the craft house details until I get back with a FULL report.
imagePlease wish me luck for the 3 flights and 12 hours of travel each way! I do not fly well. Keeping my eye-on-the-prize of just getting there! Bon voyage friends!

Top two photos by Meg Duerksen, used with her permission.

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  1. How cool!! I’ve been reading Meg’s blog for years and follow her on IG and when I saw the Van Island coffee mug, I just had to checkout who my fellow BC gal was that got to go (I live in Coquitlam) Great blog!! I will have to check out your ig too!! Hope you’ll write a blog post on your experience at craft weekend. Alda

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