Do you ever have days where you don’t feel like doing all the something’s you’re supposed to? You’d rather just slack off a bit but then the guilt gets overwhelming? No?….me either. Kidding! This happens to me a lot because I have many projects on the go and take on more obligations than I should. Recent example, I was dogsitting and getting some freelance work done at the same time. It seemed like the perfect multi-tasking morning and I was accomplishing so much. One more task and we’ll go for a walk, well maybe two more or how about after lunch we just throw a ball in the yard?  These thoughts all whirled around my little head at warp speed until I’d had enough. Stopped. Put everything down. Strapped on his leash and my runners. Embraced the fresh air and cleared the thoughts.  And then, right at the end of our route, waiting on the ground, perfectly unscathed and beautiful, was this, my reward.image

Okay, so there were other rewards too like really enjoying some simple outdoor time with my favourite pooch, laughing at him wading through the tall grass, feeling the gentle breeze and calming the chatter in my head all in the space of a few minutes and a few blocks. The symbolism of this one pretty much smacked me in the face since I collect birds’ nests. Sometimes you have to leave the to-do list behind and take the time for what really matters. You’ll be rewarded for it…promise!

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