A dilemma arrived in my mailbox. Unannounced, unsolicited and unassumingimage in the form of a plain white envelope addressed to me. Inside…the current issue of a popular magazine with a really good subscription offer that includes a free watch. Oh boy, you have no idea the thoughts and self debates that arose from that little envelope.

First of all, kudos to the marketing team behind this one. I’m a firm believer in letting folks try before they buy and well, they totally did that. Now, here’s the thing. I love magazines. I read them. I subscribe to some. I even hoard some. I am an admirer, an enthusiast…..yes, an addict!

Here’s what’s on my coffee table right now. Yup, all subscriptions. I should probably be ashamed. A couple of them were ‘aunty’ purchases for kids school fundraising, one I’m just trying out and one I can’t imagine a month without.
imageHouse Beautiful is indeed beautiful. It’s where I get ideas for my dream house, swoon over paint chips and sometimes drool a little. It’s my version of porn. Style at Home is its Canadian cousin. Pretty and somewhat more attainable. Living is Martha Stewart, enough said. Health keeps me inspired for the gym and Cooking Light while fairly new to me is motivating in its own way. I honestly do read them all then I share some with friends and neighbors. I’m a creative person and I love seeing the pictures, color combinations, gardening tips, health news and general eye candy.

No, I really don’t need another magazine arriving monthly but I find myself considering it anyhow. Partly it’s the deal…..$15 for the year and the watch?  I discussed it with a trusted friend who told me I could justify it if I cut out 10 coffees. More like just 3 of the lattes I drink, but that’s a whole other addiction!

So, yeah I’m getting it. What would you have done?


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