Olliblocks DIY This is the cutest project I’ve done in a very long time. Of course, there’s a little story behind it. About a year ago, I stumbled on these adorable toy blocks on Pinterest. I purchased and printed the files and it ended there. I was so reluctant to cut them up!
These graphics, and many more options are available from the Caravan Shoppe. You can purchase them on-line and have them emailed within minutes. The designs are gorgeous, full of detail and charm. I’ve ordered calendars and two block designs so far and am really happy with them all.
Olliblocks DIYBut back to the project at hand. I had the blocks on my ‘to-do’ list and when my niece asked if she could come hang out, I knew exactly what we’d do! We picked up wooden blocks from Michaels and got to it. Here’s how we made a set of 9, 1 1/2″ blocks:
1. Cut out 3 sheets of the graphics, making one pile for heads, one for bodies and one for legs.
2. Brush a light layer of modge podge onto one side of the block and attach one graphic. Repeat. You want one block that has all heads on it, one with all bodies and another with all the legs. We made 3 blocks of each for a total of 9 blocks. Let them dry.
3. Brush on a light top coat of modge podge to seal. Let dry, overnight is best.
4. Play and display your new Olliblocks!
Olliblocks DIYThese would be an ideal project for a craft night or girls get-together. They’re easy enough that you can chat while making them and the results are so darn cute! What a great gift for kids!
Olliblocks DIYOlliblocks DIYNow, Sydney and I are both a bit old to actually play with these but we’re pretty smitten with them. Next up for us….the Valentine’s blocks!

Just to be clear: I have not been sponsored or paid by the Caravan Shoppe (I wish!). I’m simply sharing a project I loved.

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