Attachments – a book review

I get the best book suggestions, and often actual books from my co-workers. Not-so-coincidentally this latest read was emailed from one of them and is about office friendships and romance. Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Attachments’ is the sweetest chick-lit book I’ve read in ages.
Book review www.nestinthewest.comSet in 1999 at the office of the Courier newspaper, it centres around 3 main characters: Beth and Jennifer are best friends and co-workers who email each other often and shamelessly. They are honest and hilarious – these girls would totally be your friends and make your workplace better. They ‘chat’ about everything from work to boyfriends, husbands, babies and family drama even though they know the company is against personal emailing. Enter Lincoln, the IT guy hired to track and read employee emails, then warn and report those breaching the strict workplace email rules. He knows he should report these two gals but can’t bring himself to. He gets their jokes and likes their spirit. You can guess where this is going, right? He follows their emails, albeit guiltily, until he realizes he has feelings for one of the writers. And it may be reciprocated…except that they’ve never met.
Book review“Do you believe in love at first sight?”
“Do you believe in love before that?”
This is definitely an easy, light read yet cleverly done. References to pop culture, the dreaded Y2K, a stereotypical foreign task force and D&D all added humour and created layers of likeablility to the characters. If it were a movie, it’d be a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks deal. So, take it for what it is and enjoy!
Book review www.nestinthewest.comCan we talk about e-readers? I have one, I love it. Here’s my 2 cents worth. E-readers are awesome for travel because you can carry so many books easily. I normally need reading glasses but love that I can just bump the font size up on my Kobo and do without. That being said…nothing will ever take the place of holding a book and turning the pages for me. Plus, I have a really great collection of bookmarks! What’s your opinion?

Lucky charms squares

Lucky charms squares at www.nestinthewest.comUm yeah, this happened over the weekend! My niece came to hang out on Saturday and after the crafting, thrifting and frappacinos we did some “baking”. The girl loves her Lucky Charms cereal and whipping up treats so this was an obvious choice…Lucky Charms squares. Hold onto your fillings ‘cos here comes the recipe:

Lucky Charms squares

  • 3 tbsp butter or margarine
  • 2 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
  • 5 cups Lucky Charms cereal

Lucky charms squares at www.nestinthewest.comPlace the butter and marshmallows in a large bowl and microwave to melt. Ours took about a minute and we stopped every 20 seconds to check and give it a stir. Add the cereal and stir until well combined and all the cereal is coated. Press into a greased 9 X 9″ baking pan and let cool. Cut into bars and enjoy! Makes 16 squares.
Lucky charms squares at www.nestinthewest.comIn our defense, we only had one each just to sample our creation. The rest got packed up, along with the leftover cereal and sent home with the girl. These are such a fun Spring treat plus quick and easy enough for really young bakers! A bit too sweet for me but I bet the little ones would love them, especially if they made them themselves!

Inviting Spring to the front patio

Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comIs it Spring yet? According to the calendar it is but it’s sure taking it’s time reaching my neighbourhood. Maybe a welcoming front patio decked out in a rainbow theme will help? Oh how I love making changes to the entry decor. This bit of curb appeal probably won’t stay up for long (because I have a scrappy project in mind) so I didn’t put heaps of time, money or effort into it.
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comI started with 7 sheets of felt and cut them in half on the long side. Then I cut those bits into bunting flag going from the bottom centre point up to the top point on each side. With the scraps from this, I repeated the process and got a second set of smaller triangles. Ditto for a third tiny set. Each set got sewn in a zigzag stitch onto a length of yarn with long tails left on either side for hanging. The largest garland hangs across my front window, the middle size is across the rocking chair and the little one is on a wreath. The rest of the felt scraps were used to make flowers and foliage for the already-yarn-wrapped wreath. Felt was my go-to for this project because it doesn’t fray, comes in great colors and is inexpensive. I love felt!
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comEvery year I vow not to buy a pot of forced bulbs but I always cave. It’s so nice to have an instant shot of color at the front door. I justify the purchase by planting the bulbs in my garden when they’re done to enjoy next year.
Rainbow porch at www.nestinthewest.comThis has just been up for a few days but I gotta say I’m liking it. Coming home to my very own rainbow is making me smile. Now if the sun would just stop by to see it!