Do you ever find yourself emotionally attached to a piece of clothing? I know it’s silly but I have this long sleeve t-shirt that I just love. It’s the perfect weight to wear under a cardigan, on its own or over a tank. I’ve worn it a lot. So much so that I noticed this hole. Dang!
www.nestinthewest.comI just couldn’t part with this one. We’ve spent a lot of quality time together and travelled to London, Hawaii and Seattle at least. So, instead of throwing it away, I followed a whim and gave it a new life, actually two. I cut the shirt just under the armpits and presto-magic, had an infinity cowl. But wait. There’s more. I cut each sleeve, also just below the armpit and had instant leg warmers! These are great for keeping warm while letting newly painted toes dry or for an extra layer with skinny jeans or tights. www.nestinthewest.comwww.nestinthewest.comNo need to pull out the sewing machine, the jersey knit fabric doesn’t fray and just kind of curls in on itself making a finished enough edge for these casual projects. I wear the cut side of the cowl closest to my neck while the finished edge is at the bottom. For the leg warmers, the cut edge is on my foot and the narrower finished edge holds them up on the calf.
www.nestinthewest.comIt’s times like these when I almost wish my Scottish parents read the blog – they’d get a kick out of my resourcefulness. Must admit that I didn’t actually reach for the scissors until after I’d found this replacement!!
www.nestinthewest.comWhat about you?…any clothes you just can’t part with? How do you prolong their life?

All shirts are from the Gap.

5 Comments on Saved a fave – t shirt upcycle

  1. Make-do-Hayden strikes again! So clever! I also get emotionally attached to clothing…I really need to be better at not wearing things despite the holes 😉

  2. LOVE the legwarmers! I have to admit, being a kid of the 80’s, I never really thought I would welcome back legwarmers. But what do you know? I now covet them!

    • Ditto! I thought those went away with ‘Flashdance’ but they’re so darn comfy (and fun!). I love mine too! Nice to have you stop by! xox

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