One of the many things I love about this time of year is seeing all the school supplies roll into stores. I’m a total sucker for stationary and art supplies so I always end up buying at least one set of pencil crayons and a few new notebooks. This year I’ve been anticipating this influx even more than usual. All because I need a new daytimer.
Scheduling fun www.nestinthewest.comYup, I’m completely old school and can’t live without a hard-copy, write your life down, daytimer. It’s all part of the OCD infliction. I have to be able to see my entire week laid out or I’m lost. My BFF and I have a longstanding joke which originated when she asked me if I was making room in my little life for spontaneous fun. I told her I’d have to check my daytimer to see…so now we laugh about scheduling spontaneity!

Of course I’m so on this. Every December I buy myself a new daytimer for Christmas – such an exciting life, right!? Usually after looking at every available option, I get the Moleskin one. It has a week on one page and a blank page for notes on the facing page. Heaven for list makers! Well, this year I deviated, stepped out of my box and tried something new. Epic fail! I hate it so much I haven’t used it for months and now I feel like I’m free-falling!
Scheduling fun www.nestinthewest.comEnter school supply season and a huge selection of academic planners and all is right with the world again. I’m loving this little cutie I picked up at Chapters. It has my beloved blank page for lists and week at a glance. It’s also got a zip pocket in the back which I’ll use for coupons and cards, and bonus, it’s pink! I feel like I just got my best friend back!
Scheduling fun www.nestinthewest.comI wondered if the daytimer might be a dying breed with all the high tech options out there but there are enough in stores to suggest I’m not the only old school planner! How do you keep track – phone?, calendar?, day timer?, or do you just wing it?

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  1. The beautiful thing about being a compulsive list maker is , once its written down you dont have to think about it anymore! I am so glad you are blogging again!

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