Photo a day for May www.nestinthewest.comWell friends, my camera course is over and I’m happy to report it was all I hoped for. I still have a loooong way to go but I feel more comfortable with my camera and can even shoot on manual now. Baby steps folks!

To keep myself motivated and practicing, I’ve come up with a photo-a-day list for May. I really hope you’ll play along with whatever camera you have and use. Phones count too. You may have heard the line ‘the camera you have with you is the best camera you have’. I’m all about making do with what you’ve got!

Without further ado:
may photos www.nestinthewest.comUse the list as a suggestion for daily theme photos, or shoot whatever inspires you each day. I’m a planner, maybe you are too, so I’m giving us a week to get organized. I’m hoping that with daily practice you and I will have some fun noticing the world around us and capturing shots of it. Let’s get snap happy in May!


PS: My Mom knit those adorable lens cozies for me. Cute, huh!?

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