simple monthly goalsOk, who’s ready to join me in making some simple monthly goals for October? As a psychology major I know the best principles for setting and achieving goals: keep them simple, attainable, write them down and choose a reward for accomplishing them. I like to set 4 do-able goals each month and I’m inviting you along too.

They can be anything: a project you want to start or finish, a book to read, a skill to learn, a friend to visit or a recipe to try. No need for ground-breaking cancer-curing, marathon-running, rocket-launching type stuff here. Just little steps to keep yourself on track, growing and learning. Peek at mine for October:

  1. swim 2 times each week
  2. try at least 2 slow cooker recipes
  3. purge the coat/shoe closet and donate
  4. make an extra credit card payment

I’ll reward myself with take-out sushi and a real latte! See?…it’s easy. Prepare yourself for success – look at the month ahead and be realistic about the time and energy you have to devote to your goals and set them accordingly. Gather any supplies you’ll need – for me that’s goggles, recipes, garbage bags and a frugal mindset. So, take today, think about what you want to achieve, write it down and start working toward your goals along with me tomorrow. Share if you dare – I’d love to hear your goals and rewards!

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  1. um, dont be too hasty about donating those shoes. as I recall we have the same show size, and I will be seeing you soon! I love your philosophy of 4 do able goals , and of course, the reward system. brilliant once again!

  2. I love your site. It’s always exciting to read and see your beautiful new designs! I love the celebration atmosphere that your garlands produce. Thank you.

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