imageIndulge me while I share a recent discovery made via my social media circle. Social Print Studio is a little company made up of young creatives based in San Francisco. They print photos downloaded from your phone and Instagram feeds. Well, that’s a bit over simplified…they also print mini albums, prints in a variety of sizes and more. I placed an experimental order for 2 1/2″ mini prints and received them at my door in TWO days. Impressive! I think this company is going places and I like their approach: high quality, fun, innovative products that are easily accessible, affordable plus they provide good customer service. Check them out at #PrintStudio and @SocialPS.

Here are some initial ideas for using these little gems:

  • Attach them with mini clothespins to a length of cord or wire and hang it across a mantle, window or headboard for a changeable garland.
  • Stick a magnet on the back and decorate your fridge or locker. Duh!
  • Glue one onto a piece of card stock or scrapbook paper for a personalized bookmark.
  • Oh, and you can always frame them! Singly or in a grid.

imageMost of my prints are images from the blog. I’m going to be a total dork and scrapbook them. Now please excuse me while I wander off to get creative – or head to Cali to work with these folks!

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    • You crack me up Audrey! Yes, you can just download from your computer at their site called Check it out!

  1. I totally want to use this service, but , like Audrey i dont have an up to date phone or instagram. good to know i can send another way. I love all the ideas for the small photos, also , making personal cards for folks…

    • They’re making it pretty easy for everyone to access. It’s definitely easiest from your phone but a computer works too!

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