flavoured sugarHappy Friday peeps! Who’s ready for the long weekend? How about a little project to kick it off? Flavoured sugar is a thing. It’s recommended for coffee…..so I’m in! I’ve seen suggestions for lavender, lemon, orange, even rose flavours but I stick to spices. Vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom. As well as stirring them in coffee and tea, use them instead of regular sugar in recipes for scones, muffins and pies. Wake up your taste buds and try ’em with me!¬†Gather a few canning jars or other air tight glass containers and white sugar. I used small-ish jars that hold almost 2 cups.
flavoured sugarVanilla: open a vanilla bean and scoop the seeds into a jar. Add the pods and top with sugar. Gently shake then leave for a week or more. Enjoy this one in coffee, cupcakes and on grapefruit. Mmm.

Cinnamon: measure 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon into a jar. Add 1-2 cinnamon sticks and fill with sugar. Shake this one well to evenly distribute. So good in oatmeal cookies or sprinkled on porridge.

Cardamom: place 1/3 cup whole cardamom seeds into a jar and top with sugar. Yummy in apple crisp.
flavoured sugarLet them sit for a week or two to get the full flavour infusion. Then top up your jars with more white sugar as they start to get low. Store each for up to 1 year. Sweet and spicy….yum!

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    • You’ll find vanilla beans in the baking section of better grocery stores. Look for them in a small glass tube. They’re not cheap but the smell and flavour is totally worth the little splurge!

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