I’m calling my current decorating style “the white phase”, kind of like the Beatles’ White Album but slightly less epic. This started very innocently with the white mouldings, blinds and doors my new townhouse came with. So fresh with clean lines, love it. It’s definitely snowballed – pun intended! I took a chance on a fuzzy flokati rug. Next came picture frames and mats. I had a hodge podge of photos and art that are all in white frames now. Then a couple of chairs slid into the living room while pale dishes found their way into the kitchen. Towels then linens. And the most dangerous of all….paint! Nothing is safe. I’ve restyled a big pine wardrobe, bookcases and sprayed many lamps, boxes and trays.image

The verdict? My small space appears lighter, bigger and I daresay, cleaner. White helps mismatched furniture pieces blend and makes accent colors really pop. It brings a unified look and a bit of calm. I like it and I’m sticking with it for awhile. Especially since my phone and iPad match my decor!

This doesn’t mean I have one of those white-washed ceiling-to-floor homes. Far from it. I still have a lot of wood in the mix with furniture pieces and kitchen cabinets. Actually, the looks complement each other nicely. It may be this little home or just where I’m at right now, but I am learning to appreciate and embrace the wonders of white.

What about you? Any phases of your decorating life you’re willing to share?

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