There are so many reasons for this love and you’re going to hear lots of them in time. For now, I want to share my Kansas thrift finds with you. Can I start by saying those middle-America towns really know how to do the whole antique thing? Amazing stuff at great prices. I was in heaven, except that I was flying home so restricted to what I could bring back. Totally up for the challenge, here’s what made the cut.
Pyrex nestinthewest.comnestinthewest.comThe Pyrex Cinderella bowl set – circa 1957 – in pink gooseberry has been on my wish list for years. I’ll admit that I did freak out maybe just a little when I spotted them. Never mind that the smallest bowl is missing and the set’s been well used. I scooped these up, wrapped my pyjamas around and tucked them in my carry on bag!
Scales nestinthewest.comnestinthewest.comAlso well used and from 1957 are these Pelouze scales I scored. They’re made of metal and super durable. There’s a bit of rust on the bottom and they need a good cleaning but I can live with that. I love that the face actually says: Evanston, Illinois 1957. Wrapped in newspaper and a paper bag, these made it home in my suitcase.
I picked up a little tin tray and a set of opera glasses too. Both of these are a bit battered but they’re just different from anything I’ve seen locally. And their imperfections are part of their appeal! Also they were only $4 each so I could easily justify dragging them home.
The amazing shop I visited is ‘Bearly Makin’ It’ in Marion, Kansas. It’s chock-a-block full with sections of Pyrex, mason jars, quilts, toys, musical instruments, antlers, license plates and more. They had SO much stuff! And cookies to munch on while shopping. And Mary, the Mayor of Marion runs the store! Small town charm overload…I hope I get a chance to go back!

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