photo (1)Tulips truly herald in Spring. I love when they start popping up in garden beds and grocery stores. They’re such a great way to welcome colour into our lives and homes after the grey days of winter. The only downside to these is they tend to droop. Nothing’s sadder  than wilting blooms so here ‘s my super simple way of prolonging the life and enjoyment of these.image

On the right is the classic long stem arrangement, or what I refer to as the ‘high’ display. These are stunning for days. So elegant and regal. This is how tulips start out in my house. Honestly all you do for this look is keep your stems as long as possible, line the bottoms up so all the blooms are at about the same height and plunk them in a vase with water.

imageAs soon as the long stems start to get tired and droop, I hack them off. That’s right, no mercy. Pull your tulips gently from the vase keeping the stems aligned and cut off a few inches of stem. It’s going to seem like a lot of cutting and there will be carnage. It’s okay. You’ll end up with the ‘low’ arrangement on the left. Adding a bit of sheer ribbon to the vase makes these giftable and also ideal for the dinner table.

Did you notice I have leaves wrapped around the inside of the vase? Super fancy, right?! Also super easy. To get this look, remove 4 or 5 lower leaves from the tulip stems. imageCarefully curl them into a loose circle – they actually tend to do this naturally so let them help you. Now gently wrap those leaf curls around the stem bunch. Place the whole works in your vase then add the water.

imageI’ve used Ikea’s ‘Vasen’ vase here but this works just as well with a cylinder or bowl style vase.

So, you are now invited to pick yourself up some tulips and try them ‘high’ and ‘low’. Call it homework!

Enjoy and happy Spring!

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  1. I love the low arrangement with the IKEA Vasen Vase; it looks so beautiful! Truly a pretty and polished look. Also, a very easy and inexpensive at-home project for those *ahem* not-so-creative folk… 🙂 Great post Lesley!

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