You know how they say you find love when you stop looking for it? Well, that happened to me this week. In the form of a vintage carry-on bag at the local thrift shop, in beautiful deep red. I was smitten at first sight!
Vintage find at www.nestinthewest.comThe back story is this – I bought myself a camera for Christmas and am finally getting over my intimidation and learning to use it. Cameras lead to other stuff, like additional lenses, maybe a tripod and definitely a notebook in my case. I have a little canvas camera tote that holds just the minimum essentials. So I did some on-line window (or is that screen) shopping for a bag big enough for all the gear but still a bit stylish. Like the purse-style bags. Oh, they’re so nice and come in gorgeous colors with padded pockets and everything a girl could hope for. However, the price tags stopped me in my tracks. Most are in the $200 range, ouch. I put that dream aside for now.
Vintage find at www.nestinthewest.comWhile out for a walk in my neighbourhood, I stopped to mail a parcel, get a latte and wandered into the thrift shop….since I was right there. That’s when I spotted this vintage vinyl carry-on bag and did a little internal squeal. It’s in near new condition with side pockets, a zippered inside pocket, solid bottom and lots of room for gear. Then I found what became the absolute selling feature – snaps on each strap which make them adjustable to 3 different lengths, including on the shoulder.
Vintage find at www.nestinthewest.comI cleaned it up with mild dish soap and a toothbrush and love it. I’ll add some interior padding so I can safely use this as my beginner camera bag. Then it might get additional lives if I decide to become an Air Canada flight attendant or someone who goes bowling. Until then I’ll enjoy my “new” $3 camera bag!

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