Vintage mixmasterCheck out the thrifted treasure I found! It’s a mixmaster with a milk glass bowl…and it works! Part of the fun of thrift shopping for me is the hunt and another big part is discovering the history of the purchase.
Vintage mixmasterWhat we have here is the Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12. It was made from 1957-1967 and was the longest running classic model for Sunbeam. It has 12 speeds ranging from ‘folding’ to ‘beating’ with really cute descriptions like ‘one bowl cakes’ and ‘prepared cake mixes’. I can totally imagine a newlywed homemaker starting out with one of these back in the day!
Vintage mixmasterThis gem’s been well used and has a few little dings in the finish but runs perfectly. I gave it a good cleaning with soapy water and a magic eraser then tested it out with a batch of cinnamon honey butter. It works like a charm! The only thing missing is the original full-sized bowl which I’m now on the lookout for. Such a great find and only $5!

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