vintage pyrex cleaningOne of the highlights of my Island hop last weekend was visiting an amazing little thrift shop called Nu-To-Yu. It’s impossible to describe the chaos, beauty and value of this treasure trove. I actually got a bit overwhelmed. This tiny shop on a tiny island has the best stuff at unbelievable prices: mugs for 5 cents, records for 10 cents, clothes for $1. It’s crazy fun! I’d like to share my favourite find…a pyrex casserole dish with glass lid.
cleaning vintage pyrex

A bit worn and very dirty but the gold pattern hooked me. I hadn’t seen this design before and discovered it’s ‘Golden Tulip’, a promotional item that dates back to 1959 (thanks Pyrex Love). Woot!
Now to clean it! I researched, experimented and combined what info I found and am here to tell you it’s totally worth the time and elbow grease to revive. Here’s what I did:

  1. Soaked both pieces in the sink with very hot water and Dawn dishwashing soap (which I had on hand) for a few hours to loosen the crud
  2. Gently scrubbed with a Mr. Clean magic eraser (also had on hand) and boy those things sure deserve their name!
  3. On stubborn, stuck on grime, I scoured with Bar Keepers Helper ($2 at Target) but I was careful not to use this on the actual gold pattern in case it would scratch
  4. Got into crevices with a bamboo skewer, a toothbrush would be good too

All the articles I read agreed on these DON’Ts:

  1. do not put in dishwasher
  2. do not use an abrasive cleaner such as Comet
  3. do not heat in the oven to try to loosen grime
  4. do not use any harsh chemicals

cleaning vintage pyrex

vintage pyrex cleaningNot spotless but I’m pretty happy with the results, which took about an hour. I didn’t waste effort on the glass lid as it has several chips and is a common size. I’ll find a replacement for it that’s in better shape. Did you catch the price of this gem in the ‘before’ photos?….50 cents! How could I go wrong?

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    • Awesome tip! I’m going to try it on my pink Cinderella bowls – they’re so pretty but just a little lack lustre from use. Thanks for stopping by! xox

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