Walk it outYou know there’s a mind/body connection with exercise, right? Luckily I get the ‘runner’s high’ even after my little jogs and I feel a real sense of accomplishment following my strength training workouts. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a good old walk though. I regularly go for a 5km or so stroll through my neighbourhood and I love this time for decompressing, organizing my mind, letting go of the work day and enjoying being outside. My route is basically the same, sometimes with a longer addition or a shortcut if I’m pressed for time. Unlike counting reps at the gym or pushing myself to run farther, I don’t have to concentrate on my walking path so my mind is free to wander….and it does!
Walk it outI come up with some of my best craft ideas and problem solving while walking. I plan menus and make mental ‘to do’ lists. Something about being in motion physically makes my brain do the same. With the seasons changing, it’s interesting to watch the landscape and colors evolve. I meet all kinds of people and their dogs that I wouldn’t normally and being out in the world makes me feel more connected to my community. I am often surprised to find myself back home so soon and with all the challenges of the day sorted out. If walking isn’t part of your life, I invite you to try it. Burning calories, getting fresh air and gaining mental clarity are all good in my world!

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  1. you do walking meditation which is an actual practice done by monks and at retreats! I have sorted out many a problem this way and also enjoy being out in my community , getting to know the people , animals and sights. its a wonderful expression of enjoying being alive. I look forward to walking with you on my next visit!

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