Opus Art Supplies is one of my favourite places to soak up inspiration. I’m not an artist, more a crafter, possibly a designer yet I feel so artsy whenever I’m there….like anything is do-able! This is a place of color, texture and possibilities. Brace yourself for some serious eye candy from my latest visit.

imageimageThose colored pencils make me swoon! I want to fill every notebook and sketch pad with something amazing.

imageEven the tools are bright!

imageimagePaints, pencils, chalk…they have it all plus really helpful staff. Seriously, don’t you just want to get to making something when you see this stuff?

imageThere’s even a framing department which I’ve yet to fully explore.

imageI can never leave without some kind of creative treat. On this trip I got a favourite mixed media pad, fancy pencil crayons and a color wheel. So. Much. Fun. Where do you for inspiration?

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